Beauty vs. aliens, SU HAITAO (2D)


this is my very first reply.
it’s so good to finally know this forum.
and also to see such a wonderful work as u did.


Your works are really cool. This piece gave me the chills when I first saw it, then I saw the squid… funny stuff. The piece of glass… as everyone stated :|. Now… hate to be the first one to say this, so I guess it’s me, but the arm up front feels kind of miss posed, or rather twisted a little to much. Anyway… your way up there man! :buttrock:

edit: it’s the elbow… I think :shrug:


the face is very chris sanders, the guy that did the character design, for lilo and stitch.

nice job on the rendering. the colors and shading are top notch.


Thanks everyone CGTalker again! I glad to see every reply and comments, it’s my driving force of the progress.

Below is the picture of another version (click see to Large, may require time after time to try):

thanks NOTORIOUS-ro !


Link needs fixing :wip:


Very very good, Loved the lil alien.

great comp, nice colors, wow, well deserved award ! :slight_smile:




:applause:excellent as usual, love it!


amazin style, colors and concept, retro!!!


Freaking awesome :love:


Humm…another amazing piece…and another one which I much love it…really I love it…great job man…:beer:


Looks awesome as usual!
So awesome.


Cool. Reminds me of some work done by Alberto Ruiz. Especially a piece that was a collaboration between Chiu and Ruiz.


Hey, Thanks all ! I am glad to see your comments :smiley:

Yang Xueguo, 还要再次恭喜你获得了master!还有我已经在博客中把你的链接改成了图片形式,这样效果好些!
Chris Sanders, Alberto Ruiz and Bobby Chiu is grand masters, and are my idol, I like their style, and obtain many good idea from their works.

Below is my sketch for this work!


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I LOVE that alien look :bounce:

mylast work


What incredible piece of art. Love the imagination you’ve put in this work. Design is hyper cool. Super cartoonish girl with aliens, all action. One of the best concepts I’ve seen in 2D


Thanks nightwoodwolf, razielsavage and arizaga, I will keep doing!! :-)))


Awesome! …


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