Beauty vs. aliens, SU HAITAO (2D)


Title: Beauty vs. aliens
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

Beauty and alien is my favorite theme, I would like to display some of the romantic style, and with very funny, hope you like it too!

“Future, The end of the world, the alien invasion of earth, Human face disaster! Female super killer was born, and the alien encounter…”
What do you think will happen?

The behind the scenes and some sketch in the next page.


Wow!! -Another awesome piece of work. Flawless. :drool:


As i said before in your guestbook, this is awesome!
Your handling of the anatomy is fantastic. Really nice colours and contrast too.



Wow, great!!


I didnt see so much good style so long… What a strong job. Not to sweet, not to dirty, really good balanced…wow…thats only word i can say…:wink:


lol the little alien is hillarious!


Great work!



Yeah ! Great work … I love it !
One of your best post, I think.
Very good compo. I like the colors.

The pinup is very sexy and the little alien is just so cuuuuuuute !!!

5 stars :bounce:


amazing in all ways. the anatomy is great.


looks really cool…but that weird triangle just under her crotch that cuts into her legs is really out of place.


this is fantastic, great color scheme, the inverted triangle under the crotch is scary :argh: :eek:


I love the colours too. Great work!


awesome man, love it :thumbsup:


Beautiful work!
I saw the little alien/robot thing on the front page and thought that looks good. But when I saw the whole piece my jaw dropped. Great sexy, sassy style to the whole thing.

I’d love to see a behind the scenes or tutorial on how you made this piece.


Thanks all for your comments! I’m glad to see you like it, You are my friends!
Special thanks to the chi, your suggestion can let this work is more perfect. I fixed the weird triangle, actually it is the debris of background buildings.

It’s a behind the scenes or sketch:


thats hot!

nice work


very nice style n colour! 5 star from me. :smiley:



the little alien squid is just awesome.
The Lollipop, how he stares, perfect.

Funniest picture I have seen for a long while!


Well, damn. That’s some super distorted muscle structure. It’s almost scary (I do like the calves and knee area, though). What an intimidating character. nice style, and good line work. All aliens should be scared out of their minds. Nice work.


really nice work…!!!" :thumbsup: