Beauty of Data (Close Up)


As data is collected and stored, it is randomly assembled yet placed within structural boundaries that allows it to be read. Chaotic yet beautiful, digital yet organic.

Done in Maya and Photoshop


This was a very beautiful image indeed with a very cool concept aswell. Your concept is actually very similar to what I had in mind when I first saw this competition. Very well done.


Great image so far :thumbsup:

I`m only missing here some dof :shrug: which will add an interesting depth.


In my country corruption is almost epidemic, people don’t respect rules or laws. I put my faith in cgsociety prestige and entered this contest.
Watching the last comments made to the published finalists, I ask you to retire all my 26 entries with my finalist too, because I DON’T want to be part of this dirty contest, you can delete my account too.


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