Beauty Monica, Mihai Anghelescu (3D)


Title: Beauty Monica
Name: Mihai Anghelescu
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is my last 3d work :). It was done for a beauty contest and i was using some photos of monica bellucci for general reference. I apreciate any critics about my work


this is perfect man. nothing to crit. congratulations


Exceptional render…

Only crit, I don’t know if it’s just my monitor but there seems to be a fair amount of banding in the red background.


Pretty woman, but she looks so stupid. :D. I like the model, but that expression on her face! :slight_smile: The only thing i don’t like is the cloth. Not only it’s presence, of course. It doesn’t look real to me.


amazing work, as usual :slight_smile: not 100% looking like monica bellucci but beautiful nonetheless.



Good job dude!!! (Vad ca ai corectat sanii):thumbsup:


Wow! The skin shader is perfect! Excellent work!


great work indeed.

the ear could have been worked on more, but it’s nothing too big.


-Hwasup Song


Wow! Looks amazing, and quite similar to monica belucci like you said, though i cant help but remember what happened to her in the film “irreversible” :cry:
Great work either way - do you have the all important wireframe images? The hair looks incredibly good - its all generated on the fly, right? No comping?


That is extremely beautiful! Can I ask you how you did the hair?





Hei… She’s fantastic…
She’s very expressive…A wonderwonderful work! Really!


Thanks for the prompt reply ppl :slight_smile: !
profg: I think some how youre right about expression :wink: I will change the pose and expression of the face.
neversong: About ear i dont know what to say … i have to study this problem (ears) more deep :slight_smile: . Man i was looking alot at your threads here on cgtalk :wink: … you’ve done great job with that hair.
Sunnncho: thanks . i know your girl w.i.p and i apreciate your reply :slight_smile:
m@.: thanks alot for that plugg . I’m really impressed by your fast moving here on cgtalk :wink:
Thanks again !


Great work man!!!
Very very similar to the original!!
I like the skin texture, but hairs seem too blurred and dress too rigid.
In my opinion the expression is right, she’s quite inexpressive :wink:


oh my god, its perfect:eek: , congratulation !!!:applause:


great work. I would crop the canvas a little. Remove the lower part just below or above her armpits. Her face is one of the best cg faces I’ve seen so far.


great work
but there is something funny with the eyes, they look too"clean"




excellent modelling and rendering!.. the only minor crit would ne the likeness, but anyway, it’s a very fine model!..


Excellent work :applause:
Very beautiful…:love:

Minor crit-
The cloth looks rubbery.
Hair looks glued on.
Ear needs some tweaking.