Beauty and the Beast, David Demaret (2D)


Title: Beauty and the Beast
Name: David Demaret
Country: France
Software: Photoshop
Submitted: 23rd October 2010

You all know the story of The Beauty and The Beast
here is my own version. I’m not sure the girl wants to come back,so don’t get too close to Beauty,you might get bitten!


I love your version!! That’s what I have always thought each time I heard this fairytale (or saw it adapted for the screen) eversince I was a child. Why would the beauty want the beast to turn human again? Useless.
[Or perhaps it would be for other reasons, which are not at all hinted at in the tale, he he he…:smiley: Ah, alright, sorry, bad joke, just couldn’t help it…]
I like your beast, which is at the same time really ugly and fearsome (superb work on the skin) but also seems to represent nature (perhaps in its wild aspects) with its spikes resembling tree trunks. (By the way, I have a problem with the beast’s right foreleg. I don’t see how it connects to the body ; is it gnarled in some kind of Z-like shape?).
I also love the look of Belle. Wonderful hair and skin.
What is this big light in the upper left-hand corner? Did the hair put fire to the forest ? Does she have hair of fire and smoke? Do the hair represent the sun ? (I apologize if my imagination wanders a bit too much off the beaten path, lol)
Anyway, another great work from you again. Congratulations.

Ah, enfin, pas trop tôt d'être de nouveau la première à poster sur tes  oeuvres, hé hé hé... Bon bin, encore une fois (j'ai l'impression de me  répéter, ça serait pas parce que tu serais comme qui dirait doué, par  hasard ? ;)),  un travail original, intéressant et splendide. Je pourrais dire qu'il y  a comme une sorte de régularité dans l'excellence chez toi. Enfin, bon,  c'est mon opinion. C'est peut-être parce que tes oeuvres me parlent. Ca  se peut que pour d'autres, ça n'évoque rien. En tout cas, c'est encore  une oeuvre dont tu es l'auteur et que je vais admirer  tranquillement en y refléchissant. Merci beaucoup!:)

PS : There also seems to be eyes under the grass in the background… New questions arise in my head, he he he…


hey miss touflette!

merci pour ton commentaire qui ma foi rechauffe le coeur
(c’est que ca se bousculle pas des masses sur mes posts!:slight_smile: )
si ca continue je vais te nommer fan n° 1! :slight_smile:

yeah you’re right there’s spirit of nature and elfic powers in this scene
and the eyes belongs to an elvish spirit that is there to capture Beauty
or is that to protect her?(who knows)

I’m working on an improved and darker version ,will keep in touch



there’s a new version of that image here:


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