Beautiful woman


I love going back to this thread and see your progress…really breathtaking! I especially really admire the hair


Hi all,

Long time no update so here is one.

I again, modified the face proportions a bit, I think I prefer it that way. Also I some other eye color and a new lighting, more soft, more feminin…cloths still not done ^^

Hope you like it! save the image and check it in big, it’s a big render :slight_smile:

I made other color variantion, as 2 types of brown, 2 types of green, 2 types of blue etc…I may post more but I like these :slight_smile: (brown is good too, gonna post soon )


here is some eye color variantions


What age is she supposed to be? It feels like with each update she gets a bit older. Imho the best choice was in this one. All the makeup tests were adding up a couple of years to her. It’s even harder to compare with all latest renders because of changed lighting conditions. On that linked image she had a pronounced shadow line from her cheek to her chin which “narrowed” her face to an appealing youngish form. With new soft light this feature is gone and face appears to be wider hence eyes and mouth loose their “weight” and another couple of years adds up. If you are really going for a soft light , you could shorten a focal distance of your camera or enhance this feature with a makeup.
Also, it would be a good idea to avoid darkening the eyelids in the area between eyelashes and an eye (because it makes eyes appear smaller). Place dark makeup only on the outer region of eyelashes. The basic idea is to enhance them with darks and make the zone between upper eyelid and eyebrow pop out a bit with some bright colour. Here is a kind of an appropriate example.
On those eyes tests: green variations look promising. The bright blue ones are kind of frightening cold. =) However I think some good makeup and expression will make them shine.

Sorry for being that picky, but I really love that work and hope to see it finished in best way possible. =)


Very, very cool renders, great job friend!