Beautiful woman


Very nice and artistic work!
For the style, as it is on last pic, will be nice wearing ancient greek clothes, maybe the earring is more modern for that.
Very realistic!


On last pic I mean from post #67, I like her more there.


Thank’s guy’s :slight_smile:

ehturan : Yeah all that part needs more work , in fact with the cloth we will not see the shoulder so it’s why that part is less worked. But you’r right for that hairs extend, I will fix it.


Man thats some pretty crazy work!!!


First of all your model is gorgeous! But it seems that it’s completely symmetrical, and this brings up that feeling of CGishness. You could probably introduce some minor shifts and distortions into one part of the face. This will make your character more alive and emotional. If you need to keep symmetry for some modelling purposes - just add distortions as a blend shape.


Its already assymetrical. Flip the image you will see.

The thing is that the pose is very neutral for now she will be rigged soon so it will brake more the neutral feel of the image i will be able to introduce emotion and a smile etc .

I will post a little update soon i redid the ponytail and i tweaked the nosetril etc.


Well the fun fact is I did test it prior to posting the commentary and I didn’t notice asymmetry. I’ve rechecked it now again. There is really some asymmetry, but it’s so subtle that it’s hard to notice. I would say that it’s too subtle compared to real life. But after all it’s just a matter of taste and one’s preferences.
Waiting forward to see her rigged and setup!


Great work. Maybe the cheeks could have more variation, or bigger pores… also they look a bit flat.


A new ponytail, with shorter forehead ( I like woman with short forehead ^^ ) and I corrected the nostril, added some more assymetry to the ears, rotated the eyelids of 6 degree’s outward ( and I had to replace the lacrymal liquid etc… apin in the a$$ ) I’ll do a shirt, probably a V-neck black one to see how it look’s on her. After that I will finish the diffuse, removing some edges and some tweak on her chest, etc. Finally gonna add back some make up. I also added back a bit more strenght to the skin pores of the cheeks and the forehead.

Also, when I’m fixed with wich iris I go for, I will tweak it to the max with displacement etc so it should look better in the end. Green eyes, brown, light brown, yellowish ? Wich colors guy’s ^^ what’s you’r tough on that?


Having such a good model in hand I think It would be interesting to play with even some extreme variants. Like Duna’s spicy eyes, or some very bright blue\cyan eye, even red ones. =)
As of some reality based options, a very dark brown iris usually adds some depth to one’s look. Also green/blue eyes usually look interesting, especially in combination with green jewellery and clothing (tested on my wife =) ).


ok, here’s an update.

I started a REALLY basic cloth just to see how it would fit… and tweaked the ponytails (those floffy hairs are going through the neck… gonna fix it ) I tweaked a bit the lower lip, etc. I need to fix the diffuse in the chest area of course… still little fix to do here and there but it’s getting there.


Man, just wow… :drool:


Thank’s man

a little update here

That render I cranked up the setting to remove the noise in the hair, it was like twice longer to render… but much more clean. Probably be the final setting for the final render.


Looks absolutely amazing!

You’re using Vray right? Did you get rid of the noisy hair by increasing its GI subdivision multiplier or did you just crank up some global settings?

The link in your signature doesn’t seem to work, in case you weren’t already aware of this.


If this is not the final you must be getting close.
Excellent progress.


Sorry for constantly popping in with my subjective opinions… Keep in mind while reading these that I admire your work . =)
I think that left eyebrow looked better before last tweak. This new version is shorter and makes whole eye look kinda smaller. As a result, her face starts to look wider\heavier.
And I like how dark eyes look (although I’ve been hoping to see some extreme versions too =) )


Yeah in that render her left one was misplaced a bit ^^

a little update on the hairs, and longer facial hairs, little tweak on the eyes,etc and a test of make up


Hi all here’s some new renders.

An other lighting, What do you think?
And a new necklace… need some displace on the chain…not finish. I will do the cloth soon I know now wich one I gonna do ^^.

A little move of the head and a kind of 3/4 short since she got properly rigged… I will send her to the rigging guy this week after I did the cloths properly.

Now she’s my new secretary!! lol


Stunning! It s so real!


Man, this is looking so good. I’m excited to see just how far you plan to take it.