Beautiful woman


Tracking this here and on ZBC.
Excellent progress. Love the hair, very natural sheen to it. I was going to say that her face looks a lot more plain but thinking about it I believe that means its looking more and more realistic.


Just amazing… shader, skin, teeth … completely awesome


Absolutely Brilliant!


Naturally there’s a piece here and there that i would comment on for critic but for today i will just sitback and applause. Good work mate, this came out with grace.


Thank’s Cgtalk for the top WIP I’m really happy :slight_smile:

Thank’s everybody for the kin comments, it motivate me to push harder, next update will be much better, you’ll see :slight_smile: I tweaked loads of stuff, eye shape, color map, sculpt, new hair shader,etc etc :slight_smile: lot’s of research and developpement in this project, that’s what take the more time so far.


All my money for one tutorial.
Really awesome


doses: I want to make online course would you be interested ? :slight_smile:

Hi all, I reworked the girl, here’s an update,
tweaked the diffuse a lot (based on some of the comments… more color variations etc, I fixed the lips color etc) , new eye shape (and I will retweak them now… making them a little bit less wide, from the exterior part…) , new hairs shader, tweaked the sculpt,etc etc etc.


Really looking amazing, ended up showing this to some of my lecturers and the VFX students at uni. If I could make two particular comments for the time being: her left ear-ring isn’t interacting with the hair correctly in my opinion, and also something about the eyebrows feel a little wrong the more I look at them. Maybe just a little too perfect, maybe just a little more random-ness in the hair direction would fix it. :slight_smile:


Pretty and AWESOME!!!
I love the hair and lips.


Wow, Like your work very much.


Really inspiring work. Characters are my new passion, my new hobby. But ugly renders of ugly architecture & design that i don’t really like is my day job. I know that your work is result of years of practice and mastering but it gives me courage to slowly ditch my day job and start making better quality characters (and finished ones).
I will aim for your quality. Will be my top bar. If i ever get quality near this … i can die happy and satisfied … optimistically speaking … :slight_smile:

Excuse my english and emotional breakdown, but i’m little drunk :slight_smile:

P.S. First chance and i will try hair farm for my vip. Looks amazing plugin

P.S. I forget to critique … Why so serious …? :slight_smile:


hiLcould you talk about the eyelash on the beautiful woman you made. it looks so real. how did you made them? i am trying to make eyelash for a girl, but it looks so ugly! by the way,i use ‘shave and a hair cut’, how about you?


Great job as always , this is incredible !
i tough you will render that with corona , they lost a great art work , you should show this to keymaster .


Amazing work man, but i guess you already know that. Really looking forward to that tutorial :smiley:


I think I have replied to this thread once before if so I’ll just say it again, Fantastic work dude, this is a one of a kind.

If I could make a few suggestions,

  1. fill in her cheeks just a little.
  2. widen the corners of her mouth just a little.
    3.the hair on the left side looks a little off, it has sharp kink about an inch away from the scalp, I think it would look better if the fold was a little softer.
  3. the shadows on her skin, in her left ear and on the right side also seem to be a little dark, maybe add some more ambient light?

epic work man keep it up.



I changed lot’s of things…especially the eyes… and a new test of lighting, IBL only.

(shoulder are a bit too narrow I will correct it)

Catherine: the hairlash ( and all the hairs ) are done in hairfarm a plugin for 3dsmax. Hair and fur suck because of many thing but also because it dont have a regular distribution option… its just random by default… wich is good for grass lol. Yohr better to do them by hand i guess would long but you will get there.


Yeah I agree the shoulders do look a little to narrow.

I think you’re at the point where you could pose the character. Even just making slight adjustments to the eyes can really bring out the life in a character


I like the shape of her face much more compared to the earlier stages. Especially the eyes. I think it’s getting more interesting.


Everything his perfect for me, but I feel the hairs are a bit too high, that’s give her a wig look.


Hi bigguns,

WOW!!! She is coming really good!!³
I love the new changes! Specially the ears! They look more natural and real (from that render view point )

There are 2 things that disturb me a bit.

  1. Between the caruncle and the nose there is this kind of circle in boths size. They look extreme symmetrical.
  2. And the second is where the nose ends and go up to the eyebrows.
    Everything looks nice and smooth and then this area looks way to hard.

I forgot the 3rd. point… On the her right side the hair behind. Looks like there is a hole that suppose to dont be there.
BTW The Hair looks fantastic. And IMO the hair is not at all to high.