Beautiful woman


Hi all

A little update, started to work back again on it this week , took a break had other things to do.

While taking a brake, when I got back on it, I found I had made some changes that were not for the best but was making it worst so I took back an older version of the skin and (in this case also the diffuse, I will update it with the newer diffuse I’m working on in the next update,just small changes and fix like removing the lines that goes from the corner of the nose around the mouth etc). I will also do the nose a bit longer in the front view,etc.

Also, the hairs will get a massive update (on the hairs transition line on the side, since I made the hairs on one side go behind the ears, wich I think look’s better) and I wand to do changes especially at the hairs bottom I have something in mad that will suit her better then now.

I also tweaked the veins in the eyes and made iris more brown and a bit smaller.

I want to do a morpher this weekend for a smile to see how those teeths will look :slight_smile:

Anyay, here’s a sneak peak of what’s going :slight_smile: ( I know the eyes reflection is too strong… those sort of details in final lighting and images will be corrected )

feedback welcome


just let you know how amazing is your work !!!
Extraordinaire!!! Tous mes Compliments…

PS: et bonjour d’un “cousin” de France :slight_smile:


Great job. I think her nose texture could be a bit different - maybe a bit more oily and less grainy diffuse than on the rest of the face. Though it may be due to lighting setup, as the shader may change dramatically.


Looking good.
One thing that jumps out at me but I’m not 100% sure its a problem is the fuzz on her face. Especially under her lip, its either too long or its too visible. Normally those tiny hairs create a bit of a sheen but this looks more clumpy. Its a small thing and again I may be mistaken.


thank’s guys,

here’s a little update here, nose wider and longer and a quick sticky lips effect added and changed the skin tone (maybe too tanned now…) and some tweek to the facial hairs. Also tried an other lighting, I started a render over night with some more modification I made to the forehead, side of the nose etc, let’s see tomorrow how it will look.


Hi all,

Here’s an update. I removed the make up to fix a bit the neutral expression ( but… as I saw with a rig it could had been done easily and mush faster…) and I tweaked more the hair shader, trying to correct some weakness of the vray hair shader. I also lowered the eyebrows, thickned the eyelash for the unmakuped version… I also tweaked eyes surronding socket color ,etc so some minor tweak here and there… and yes I may add some scars later.

The earring are just a test… I will do some shorter one so it do not have to interact with the hairs once rigged…

More to come soon.


Only things I would suggest is to have the eyes reflect an environment and add redness to the tear ducts. I think the current reflection on the cornea shader is too tight.

Lookin’ goood.


Hi bigguns,

She looks at least 90% realistic. IMHO
Im not able to this kind of details, renders, etc… but what I can see the eyes and the Hair in the ear area where the end of the earring is… looks a bit CG.
In this last perspective.

But DAMN! I saw your other images now and WOW!!! This looks AMAZING!!!³³
Congrats bigguns.

This is gonna be a great and AWESOME realistic lady


one of the most realistic things i’ve seen in a while. congrats my friend. do you mind sharing a bit of details on the shaders, renderer optionss, texture and bump/displacement maps sizes?


Hi thank’s a lot guys

Here’s an update.

I modified the diffuse, I put back the original eyelash shader ( I may do some very subtil tweaks…) I made some change to the reflection component, I have a procedural bump to add more hight frequency…but I don’t really need it I have enought resolution to do it without… I kept it but lowered it almost 3 times lower… it was making the skin surface too busy… now it’s better and I tweaked the reflection more

here : (not the same lighting though but similar) … BTW I removed the facial hairs and hairs since it’s just a test render.


Hi bigguns,

that looks pretty awesome!!!
Love it tis update specially the lips. Now the have more volume, in your last post the lips looks a little bit more flat.
This render looks FANTASCTIC!!!
Really love it!


From this angle looks like she doesnt have too much eyelash on the lower part (close to the nose/lacrimal)


hey thank’s I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

Yeah I know about the eye lash it’s on the to do list :slight_smile:

Here a HDRI test to see if everything handle it well :slight_smile:


ok and here ?

I constrated the diffuse and bring back the color variation I had.
Modified the orientation of the hdri map and desaturated it… and activated the GI for that test… still no facial hairs too long to render :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: Lot’s of change in the side view so it changed the profile quite a bit.


Hi bigguns,

Did you made a color correction or change on her lips? Looks MUCH MUCH BETTER. Maybe because the new lighting IMO looks better.

The reflection on her eyes also looks just perfect and realistic.

Hair is coming… I will love to see her hair! :bounce:



hey thank’s man! yes I changed the lips color, but the last 3 renders have the same color :slight_smile: but before these it was different.

Here’s new hair shader and color( I dropped the blond strand looked fake has hell I think… )

here’s some test with it, with GI and no GI ( best result is with GI especially if you use dome light… big big difference…)


Oh. My. Gosh. That’s one of the most detailed busts of a person I’ve ever seen. I can’t find anything to critique right now. Can’t wait for the hair!


You got something fantastic there, keep at it, can’t wait to see it finished. :thumbsup:


Hi bigguns,

This is coming outstanding!!!³³
This is Awesome, Incredible and AMAZING!!!³ (I called AIA³ for your outstanding work. I cant find the correct word) :shrug:

I can wait to see the new renders and the final render of the hair. :buttrock:


OMG thats Epic beyond imagination