Beautiful woman


this is madness!! :surprised

very impressive dan amazing works man!! :thumbsup:

but i wanna see teh poly :smiley:

… and the hairs must be insane RAM chewing :surprised


Thank’s guys, :slight_smile:

Ok, so here’s an other sneak peak that reveal a lot more now :slight_smile: More to come soon guys im on vacation days hehe

By the way I’m completely redoing the hairs, changing haircut ,the new one fit’s her better :slight_smile:


There she is! Wonderfull.
How did you learn to get such realistic result? Is that just practice and good references or is there something else that pushed you in the right diretion?


Solid, really outstanding.


thank’s guys one more :slight_smile:


Wow Luc!!

She’s amazing! Can’t wait to see her finished. Great job my man! :beer:


Looking good. How did you model the skin? Is it normal bump from zbrush?
Maybe some variation between the forehead and cheeck texture could benefit. But if she’s very young, could be like that.


Beautiful work! The one teeny, tiny minor note I would say is that she could use a little more shadow/occlusion around the outside edge of the scalera (white part of the eye). Right now they are feeling a little bit separate from the skin. A little shadow from the eyelid onto the eye there will help set the eyeball in place.

Really beautiful work…love the specular values!



That’s some pretty sick stuff right there. The peach fuzz is a wonderful touch to the piece. As far as critiques go, I’d say that to get this even closer to ‘real’ I’d have less bumpy pores in my opinion. I looked at several extremely large photos of women’s faces to verify this and I rarely can even see those pores let alone (too large ?) with this much detail (especially on the forehead). I also think the specularity could be toned down just a very slight bit. Other than that I would have to ask the question ‘how far do you want to take the [microscopic] detail’? I mean you could possibly add some extremely fine wrinkles under the eyes, and even pores where the eyelashes/brows root out from. But maybe that’s going too far. Keep going!!!


So guy’s here’s what a photoshoping of the haircut she will have so she look something like that iwth the hairs, of course it’s adding a lot I think.


hm I think the face anatomy is all wrong here. joke. This work is really good. Maybe face is too “symetrical” but I think you know that. On the other hand, symetrical features are what makes the face beautiful I heard.


Thank’s Guy’s!

Hey guy’s I need your feedback now :slight_smile:

Here’s some of the first render with the head ( surprisingy Vray managed to render all of it in one render :slight_smile: but I don’t think I will be able to render it in 5k like I want at the end… … but at least for now I can finally have a look at how they are looking now with the face etc) and I would like you to tell me wich variation you like the most between them etc.

Notes: I started to do a glossy map wich is not correct for now… reflection are too low in some place like chin,neck, and too strong in other like forehead… so just to say don’t comment on that it will be fixed… :slight_smile:

The hair shape is not final yet, but starting to look good I think. As for the oranger strands, it’s the first test so I will take them further and make those strand more blond I thin, anyway, you can give me your feedback as I said about the general look I should go for and I’ll see what I do after :slight_smile:

Also she will have a neck lace and other earrings by the way, and cloths… the clavicule need a bit more work since at first I had in mind it will not be seen… I’ll fix that. (also, this render is with the new nose, do you prefer it ? )

So there we go: LOOK IT IN BIG PLEASE NOT IN SMALL :slight_smile:

Edit : I can’t wait to get her rigged… she will look MUCH MORE ALIVE :slight_smile:


What a great great job Luc!
She looks very natural.

My personal favorites are the first and last. I think the light eyed versions look weird. Well… not weird! Just less natural.

Now, if you want a better opinion, my wife said, without hesitation, that the red with dark brown was the most appealing. She didn’t even blink! I think she took less than 1 second to answer!!

Maybe you should go with that!


I feel like choosing an ice cream :smiley:
Well… Let me think a little bit… I like the purple with dark eyes one. Oh and a little bit of whipped cream on it, please :slight_smile:

You should know already that if VRay can’t do something it means it’s something impossible :wink:


There’s no such thing! :deal:


I like the last one best as it looks very natural.


That’s true!
And I think you’re right also about the bright eyes versions thing. They look kind of intimidating to me… Still beautiful though.


Amazing work!
i’m trying with maya but it’s not easy , i need some inspiration and i now you are the one with right knowledge for done something like this. :bowdown:


jacopoS : It’s beacause it’s done in photoshop… once I will do true blue eyes in 3d they will look a lot better… it was variant done in photoshop… derived from the original render… you did not readed my post hen ^^

Here’s blond ( i have better blond color now ) with purple strands for fun hehe and I changed a bit the lighting, more up this time.


Sorry, maybe that last comment of mine was simply out of place…
Anyway that was about a general impression. I know that you’re having an hard time rendering her and those variation are made out of photoshop. I’m not even thinking about messing with that.