Beautiful Woman and Fine Wine-Simple Sophistication


Certainly a different target then I usually shoot for. However I am working to become an art dirrector for animated films one day. So I feel that a diversity in my abilities will be an essential aspect of my career. HOpefuly some will appreciate that this will sit next to my more frequently excecuted cartoons in my portfolio.

So with this peice I am trying to develope an image based on simple sophistication…as far as technique and theme.

THis is a woman who has worked hard her whole life and has finally reached a level of comfort. Luxury. I want to evoke a sense of beautiful maturity…with the feeling of freedom that success can promote. She is sitting on the balcony somewhere in Europe…maybe on a buisiness trip.

I am interested to hear what you think in regards to anatomy, composition, lighting, skin tones, color harmony…etc…pretty much anything you see that looks less then great.

THanks for your eyeballs attention.


Wow, I’m really liking this so far. Real nice work on the lady (you’ve made her face and expression quite captivating), and her pose screams bourgeois. You’ve obviously got a pretty solid “underpainting”, so to speak.

I’m no expert on composition (okay, I kinda suck at it :p), but the upper middle bit (sky) seems a little empty. I think the presence of the waiter on the left, in conjunction with the empty sky, is throwing the composition off a little. I find myself drawn to the woman’s gaze, but the waiter keeps trying to draw my eyes. If I had any sort of suggestion, compositionally I’d probably try to make the waiter a little less prominent, whether by positioning, or values. Alternatively, bring him closer to the woman. I can’t help but think that the composition would be stronger if my gaze wasn’t constantly trying to fight between the woman and waiter.

Take the composition comments with a fistful of salt. :wink:


hmm yes

I am certainly willing to try some things with the waiter. Ive moved him a couple times and am still searching for his perfect spot.

I have a attached a small thumbnail which includes a “compositional template” I have been working with. Now I will experiment some more…


Hi winchester,

I like this image too and the story that´s behind it. There´s only one thing that I´m not sure about it and thought it could tell you. Your balustrade devides the space exactly in the middle and that can be unpleasent for the viewer. Maybe lowering this line could bring your waiter in the right spot too. Of course there would also some roofs be visible. But as I said I´m not sure about it…

Hope this was helpful. I think this is going to be a very nice image…

Good luck with it:)


ahh geeze

missed that thanks


I’m sure this will turn out very nice. Are you going to make this an armchair. To the left, it looks like and armchair, but to the right side of the image, it doesn’t. I’d check up on her shoulders and chest a little. The face already seems perfect to me.

Personally, I’d fill the sky with some red sunset clouds. But I’m sure you’ll be able to do everything just perfectly yourself.


Wouldn’t want to be too fussy, but I’m fairly certain a fibonacci spiral is not a good tool for composition. You’re better of playing the subconscious mind towards dramatic tension.
In film compositing there’s a good example for that, you can connect two completely non coherent images together and create your own context. This works on our experience of the world, happy, sad etc.
The eye will want to look over the entire image, empty space like that really jumps out. But then again, I haven’t tested this enough. I like how it’s working so far, if you’re going to change the ballustrade (sp?) you might want to cosider using perspective to guide the eye to a balance in the image. :slight_smile: Pretty lady, very calm look. :thumbsup:


it’s funny, the thing I might crit is actually the part of the picture I quite like. I think her arms are a tad long, but I rather like em that way shrugs

good luck with it


THanks for the feedback…I am certainly going to consider all that has been mentioned…

Cypherx-hmmm, thats interesting. Im thinking that if you like the slightly distorted proportions, but that you felt the need to critique that aspect…maybe Im being too wishy washy in my stylization…maybe if the figures were more obviously stylized it would seem more suiting. Its a tricky thing I guess…Originally I wanted to attempt near realism with a slight streamlining and exageration…

HEre is the latest progress.


You need to look into the perspective of the armchair. The left thing to put the arms on (in the right of the image) needs to be pushed back some an the other one has to advance more towards us.


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