Beautiful lilac, yuehui Tang (2D)


Title: Beautiful lilac
Name: yuehui Tang
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is my new painting, mainly from the China Peking Opera’s unique ornaments. Beautiful lilac in my hometown is the city flower!See it think of a good childhood! Hope you like it!


Wow Amazing!


LOVE, her face, hands, and flowers, but the texture on her breasts is really distracting.


beautiful work. love all the details.


agree on all points


hello mr.tang it’s me again this painting is so perfect! like all your works you leaving me speechless, thank you very much for posting you are the best! i have a question for you, i’m waiting for new posts! how soon there will be new painting? i know this is new but if it’s possible can you tell me how much time you spend on this work of art? oh yes one more thing last time you reply me that the bride is your book cover, is it possible to buy your books? if yes can you tell me where do i buy them? thank you very much mr.tang! i’m your biggest fan!


The hair looks very “copy+paste” I like the thing on her face though.


Lovely paint mate



very beautiful!


Hi! samurairomaz!
I usually 3-4 days a painting artwork ! My new book is being printed, in the hope that in 2009 the January to meet you! It want useful to you! You can find it on the Internet!
I hope you find a good job!
Yue hui


Hello, mr. Tang!
As always, beautiful work!
Your females are very sensuous.
I love the composition which puts emphasis on her eyes.
I was wondering about your technique, any chance you may offer tutorials about your painting?
Thank you!


It is very beautiful! I admire all your works))


Stunning! Astonishing as usual! No words to describe the beauty of your work.
Keep them coming mate!


i love your stye.


Hi there, Mr. sztyh I am totally Amazed at the passion and unique style you passes… This picture is just Stunning. It sure will stop anyone in there tracks. Its so easy to be Mezmorized, and get lost in her eyes like hypnosis… Is she a posing real model, or just a random creation? Thanks, And keep up the outstanding Work, can wait to see more of your creations… Chris
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Thanks! I am glad you like my work.


Just was currious if she was a Posing Model for the drawing…? Like you did with the other one… Thanks


You can visit my blog!


Hi sztyh, is there any way that the blog can be in translation to english…? tried looking but cant figure it out… Thanks


but you can look at my site.