Beatrice, Anry (2D)


izzit is human being done?
I know got prenty of painter artist can make this well, just wanna know how long u take to finish this?


Originally posted by Anry

Character design. Painter ver.7.

50% Close Up [/B]

Anry… that picture is goddamn amazing… :bowdown:


It seems to me that Anry makes use of Round Camelhair Brush (Oils) for painting… :wink: And Just Add Water for Blending…
Now 'bout video someone asked. Here u can get speed painting video, Painter 7 Script and TechSmith codec and player for video.
Anry’s website:
Best regards.


god i love your work, currently i look at your website everyday for insperation, keep it up please.
fantastic, cant praise your skills enough!!!


Reminds me a lot of the Black Kat character from that EA game…

Did you do any design work on that game?

Cool stuff!



the background is AMAZING RAWR :slight_smile: Its so rare for artists to devote such attention to the background, it really brings this piece together and makes it unique as beautiful as your characer is!


:bounce: wow! really nice work!!


IMPRESSIVE details :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


That’s rather lovely. :slight_smile: I really like her expression.

Man, now I’m in the mood to play 7th Sea.


Beautiful Paint job! i thought it wasn’t digital! How long did this take?



keep up the good work:thumbsup:


this is one of my fav character concept art pieces ive seen lately


wohohoho, nice worrkrkkksksks


very nice work

i like and the environment too :eek:


This image is the top of the painter :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Great job indeed


very nice work :thumbsup:


Zamechatel’no uvidet’ zdes’ vashi raboty!
Pochti chto sovershenstvo!!!
Moi nailuchshije pojelanja! :thumbsup:


i like this!!


I can’t remember now, but I think this one was the first of your artworks I have seen. Only think I can remember exactly was the feeling I had when I have discovered all the details - I was freezed to the bone, because it looked so insane to me.

Still I am returning to watch and explore this artwork bucause it giving me sort of inspiration to my photographs and my paintings. Hope one day you will return again.


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