Beatrice, Anry (2D)



Character design. Painter ver.7.

50% Close Up


Wow, even though this hasn’t been up for too long, I’m suprised no one has commented yet.

Combine the excellent brushwork and great image quality with the fact that you can’t go wrong with pirates, and I think it’s front page material. Excellent job!


my god … :surprised



Amazing! :bowdown:


nothing to say. :surprised :drool:
I like the little mouse

:applause: :applause:


OMG! I am speechless. Simply amazing!


wow…awesom work :thumbsup:


Hehe what shal i say.
Fantastic picture as all of the pictures ive seen from you here on this froums.
The hair, the light her boots :slight_smile: only a few parts i like very much.
the rat is cute :smiley:

Only thing that might be improved a little would be the water.
But who am i to give you suggestions :bounce:


Thank you SO very much for the inspiration. Really, thank you.:love:


:bowdown: Oh my:thumbsup:


i wanna kill myself!


beautiful work, very inspirational…
any comments or details on the process?


the detail and depth…nice brush work :cool:

how long was this project?


Man, you continue to inspire me as my favorite painter! I will work hard so that one day I can be as good at painting as yourself. Nice work Anry.


Another beautiful art by Anry. excellent job :beer:


I’m blown away! love the style! no crits… just OOOOooooos


2 words: front page

Fantastic, one of the best pieces I’ve seen! :buttrock:


Im speachless... :drool: Amazing colors. She has lots of personality and the whole draw look very 3d even so its a 2d art… Amazing brush sets!
You could share this kind of technich in a near future!!!
One thing though… How com this ain`t on the front page yet…
Mods PLUG ALERT quickly…! :bounce:


english: great work :o amazing etc blablabla…

Zdarova, a zavut tebja kak… :smiley: horoshaja istorija na saite smeshnaja :stuck_out_tongue:

ti skoko etim zanimaeshsa i skoko tebe let? :o da, ti ochen talantlevij! i eto pravda :slight_smile:

ladno udachi v sjego takogo…


lovely, fresh and great!! magnificent illustration with great use of the light.:applause: