Beat me up Scotty!!!


Ehm… well actually I mean, what do you think of these textures? I was asked a zillion times to make my aircraft models DIRTY. So I wrecked her up pretty badly. I think…

The model is a Focke-Wulf Triebflügeljäger - a cross between a jet fighter and a helicopter, that was under development in Germany at the end of World War II… The center section with three wings, powered by ramjets, rotates as a whole while this plane takes off. Quite bizarre, no?

Please let me know what you think.

O yeah, and does anyone have a tip how to get rid of the aweful burned-out highlights the brighter colours (white and yellow) produce???

old “concept sketch” testrender:
very old WIP render of Royal Air Force colours (captured machine):�gel_alternative.jpg


:thumbsup: That’s ugly model! :wink: But looks great, especially the effect of dirtiness and damage. Just one suggestion, maybe:
the engines looks pretty new compared to body and wings, when they should have the lion part of damage comparing to the central portions of the wings.

Also, the cockpit looks unfinished to me, but it’s a work in progress, right? :slight_smile:

Can’t help you with “the awful burnt-out highlights”, as my skills in 3D are still in progress. :lightbulb :wink:

Good luck!!!


The textures look quite ok but the wings are too big!
With the textures I think that you achieved your goal.


Hey Ronnie, :slight_smile:

How are things up in england mate?
Still at codemasters?

That is one strange piece of machinery.
Will that actually work??


CA3D, you got a good eye for detail. Indeed the cockpit isn’t finished yet and I agree on the engines. I actually made a mistake and textured the wing damage upside down, hehe… :rolleyes: As you can see the wing roots are pretty worn. But this effect should have been on the wing tips. And the engines are indeed too clean still.
O, and yes it’s an ugly beast! :slight_smile:

r0bal, how come the wings are too big? The model is made to the original wartime blueprints and authentic dimension. Thus the wings are the proper size.
Check here for more info on this plane:

Ey Parallax! Long time no hear. Yup still at Codies here.
If the machine would fly? I got copies of original documents showing all kinds of performance calculations. But I am not convinced :slight_smile: I bet the pilot would kill himself in it in no-time, regardless of any enemy aircraft around :wink: Flying this thing can be nothing less than a hazardous thrillride for sure…


fantastic job texturing i would say. if there is no worry on poly count, i think the model could be improved by adding a couple dents in places, especially near the front of the wings where you have the texture worn making them look like theyv’e been thru a lot of wear and tear, but then the edge is perfectly smooth as far as the geometry is concerned.


TheWraith, it’s an idea to add some “mesh-weathering” to it. And indeed I don’t have a real poly-limit (though I do optimise my mesh for rendering speed’s sake) so it’s possible and all. Just… it’s a bit over the top maybe. And I am planning on multiple (and less-weathered!) textures for the same model. Additionally, the rotor will be motion-blurred in most renders anyway (like here:
I will consider your advice though when making renders of it with static rotor, and probably mess a bit with photoshop to fake some dents on the leading edge of the wings, whenever appropriate. Cheers! :slight_smile:

PS. I didn’t mention it before, but the plane is supposed to have multiple paint layers. On a aluminium skin it has beige primer, then solid dark green paint. On top of this is a crude field-applied winter wash of white paint. This paint tends to wear fast. Hence the green bits showing through on the wing leading edges and other worn areas.
Picture below shows an example of a Luftwaffe aircraft with crudely applied winter camouflage. This is the look I am going for:


Hiya, Skyraider!

Thank you for the comments on my ability to see details. That should be because of my glasses. Without them I am a blind mole ( as my b/f is calling me sometimes :slight_smile: ).

Now seriouisly, dude! I am really curious for your new renders with the new textures, as the winter Triebie render looks to me pretty basic. And will you have in your renders just Triebie or other type of planes too? Something like composition?

As about technical aspect, I am wondering what is the maximum speed this beast would be able to achieve? Especially, when flying horizontally, what is so doubtful to me when looking at this aviation mutant!

ps another suggestion - maybe it would be useful to change the topic of the thread, cause I think there are a lot of people on this board interested in aviation but who surely cant guess that a great flying machine hides under such a topic. :wink:


I tried renaming the post, but to no avail. It only changes the first message, not the topic name.

As for the machine’s flying abilities… good question. The rotor slows down at high speeds, but I really doubt if it will give this plane enough vertical lift to fly horizontally. And how a rotor can produce enough vertical lift when horizontal… I am not sure. I personally regard this machine more as a rotor-driven manned missile or something alike…

As for the renders, I hope to combine it with some big American bombers :slight_smile: “Hunter and prey” kind of things :wink: Just gotto finish yet another model. I already have a hard time finishing this one as I am kinda bored with it… :hmm:


Hehe, good to hear :slight_smile:
That baby almost looks like the designer was on drugs :wink:


…those Germans, eh? Lovely piece of work.

The model is wonderful… that site is amazing - the schematics really give you everything you need to make the wire, but the detailing on the textures is lovely.

We want more! Are you planning a series of these? That they never saw the light of day in reality is a tragedy (or a blessing, depending) but if you can make more like these, I for one would be ecstatic!

Go for it!! :bounce:



(light and texture test)

Rebeldreams, I will make a few different colour schemes for this model.
For other Luftwaffe contraptions, see my website if you haven’t already :wink: (or the LuftArt gallery at
I will continue to make new ones, though… at turtle speed as usual :rolleyes:

Parallax, remember that assymmetric aircraft I have on my site? The Bv 141? Well, when the Russians saw it on the eastern front (never confirmed!) they described it as a plane designed by someone who drunk too much vodka, haha :beer:


Skyraider3D - Nice model to say the least. The texturing looks great. The only thing that stands out to me is the lack of cockpit detail (mesh), no biggie. Other than that, fantastic, as usual!



Cheers Evan :slight_smile:
Do you mean the cockpit frame or its interior? The interior isn’t finished yet. It needs a seat and such…
The cockpit frame is of a very basic-looking structure, with rectangular windows. There is not a lack of mesh detail there. Quite opposite I’d say. I made tiny little bevels on everything… Too tiny I’m afraid, they hardly give any highlights :hmm: So there’s some pointless meshdatail in there…:rolleyes: O well, something to be learnt for the next model! :wink:
Here’s a wireframe screengrab of (an earlier version of) the cockpit:

As you can see, I made two layers of glass, to more or less give some indication of the glass’ thickness (note the thickness of the windscreen armoured glass).


Skyraider3D - sorry, I did’nt make myself clear enough. The frame looks great, I was not picking on it, honest :slight_smile: . I did mean the interior of the cockpit, seat, and stuff… but your working on that, so that’s cool.
Its funny, I always put those bevels in everything, I probably go to the extreme actually, and sometimes I wonder if its really needed in certain places. I’m glad you mentioned that, seems like Im not the only who goes to such detail.

Anyway, once again, fantastic work! And thankyou for sharing!


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Fantastic cockpit frame!!!



cool model you did here…
i was n your site and saw… some great pice of aviation art !!!
for me the first rendering… look better as the last one…
cause of lighning situation i think…
nice texturing… :applause: :applause: :applause:


Little “sketch”:

Of course in the final render the light will be matched better to the background, the rotor will move and have exhaust flames, the cockpit will be complete and manned, and so on. This is just a test to see how the texture works out after editing. I need to enhance some minor scratches I put in there and some panel lines (on the rear body). But other than that I think it’s time to move onto the last details (cockpit and landing gear) and start to render this baby :slight_smile:


It seems perfect to me :bounce:


Yes that’s really cool !!!:thumbsup: