Beastie Boy


I modeled this guy a little while ago and just finished texturing him. I might try some displacements later on but this is him for now.


very nice! I really like it.
when I have saw it I have thought of it in two versions:
“acuatic one” by making the texture more like jelly or the “forest one” adding a bit hair in the hands, arms…
Just great!:bounce:


nice!! very nice job! also I liked the suggestions!! All crit I have to give is that your texture looks a little blurry, like it’s low resolution. I agree on the hair too, definitely hair.


it looks good…except on the arms it looks as if you have an 8 going rather than a B.

(your bicep and tricep sides of the arms [and forearms] seem to have the same curvature in their angles, thus making an 8. if you go back to 2 dimensional rules arms are better drawn one with a straight side and one with a curved side thus creating a B. of course you would adapt this rule to fit your character. things to look more appealling that way. so i would straighten out the tricep/elbow side of the arm to get that look and feel.)

anyway…just suggestions.


ancestor of the Iron Maiden guy/demon/whatever

cool. Kinda friendlier tho.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
5 bouncing smilies - just cos I can.


Thanx everybody,
diazgl… actually the textures are 2k but I rendered him too small for the comp and scaled him up that’s why he’s blurry (you caught me :)) I’m gonna’ rerender him at an apropriate size that should fix it. Thanx.
good call, I think it’s in the bind. I just threw in a temp skeleton to pose him and the forearm doesn’t twist quite right causing the 8 you mentioned. I’ll fix that and repost. Thanx.
Jacko Cohen,
Yup, I’m busted :). I was listening to “piece of mind” when modeling him.


Love your work and your tutorial on the head, it was excelent.


Hey I love all your work and was especailly amazed by the modelling of this char when I read the tutorial on cgchannel. The texture looks great but I guess I’m a sucker for solid models. It is easier to tell all of the wonderful details you modelled in. Anyway the texture looks great and really fits the design of the char.

Your work is an inspiration to a litttle peon like myself

Keep up the great quality


WOW! It’s Hobbit Guy! I’ve been checking your stuff out online for quite a while now. Forget where I originally got the link… Maybe it was Maxer (Willi Hammes)… Nice stuff man.


heheh, i thought there was something weird going on!!
Iron Maiden though?


It’s very Lord of the Rings.
Looks like the friendly, misunderstood, thought evil off, rather primitive yet very kind creature. Just my impression though :smiley:
Character with a big “C”
I think he needs a name! :wip:

Keep it up!


Thanx everybody,
I think I’ll call him “George” :slight_smile:


george, george, george of the jungle, strong as he can be! comin’ up with those renders and updates?


“And I will name him george, and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him and crush him…”

Missed commenting here too, dig this guy. I love the size of the hands. Cool tut on doing his head as well, nice to see him all done up now. Lots of character. Dunno where eddie got his mean streak from with a dad that nice. :smiley:

And yeah, throw down with the big renders yo.


OK guys,
I spent some time this weekend fixing up my comp of George. Let me know what you think.
P.S. hypercube…Dad was cool but you wouldn’t believe the temper on mum :).


ahhhh, yes, much better!!! Btw, thought about the suggestions made? Hair or making him aquatic? He would need some depth if he remains as such.


Looking great :scream: I really like the scabby stuff around the sides of the head.

Only thing I’d say is that at a glance the bumps along the arms look ‘stretched’, which fits in with the look on other areas of the body, I just think my eyes are broken from doing this stuff too long, pops out as accidental. :shrug:

Otherwise, sweet. Dig the poses. Rockin’ the sureshot. :xtreme:


i like the band and Hip-hop music:bounce:


Thanx guys,
diazgl… I might do some stuff w/ hair later on but for now I’m calling it quits… time to move on :). Check out my newest project here
hypercube… The spots actually painted on that way. They form kind of stripes as they go aeound the arms… hmmm…maybe I should rework that…


Lo m8… damn really nice :slight_smile: