Beast of Burden - Character - Tommy Lee


Here is my entry.

Good luck and much fun for every one.:bounce:


Tommy Lee


And a little update of what it carries.

Some sort of wicked, antigrav atombomb-thingy:surprised


And the next step:wip:


He Tommy Lee! The Challenge starts at july 4th. It doesn’t end that date!

btw, looking very cool. Just… if he’s a caterpillar, why not let him pull something like a wagon full of cut-off butterflywings? :wink:


Is he a caterpillar or a slug? Cool idea, either way!


Now that I’m looking again, he definately looks more like a caterpillar or an inchworm…he’s got legs, so he’s not a slug.


@Jeroentje: Isn´t it mad and twisted enough that a caterpilla carries a antigrav-atombomb-thingy.:insane:…hehe

Thanks for comment dude!

@wildsheepchase:Thanks for comment ya craziest-name-on-cgtalk-ever-dude. :smiley:
By the way no prob that ya ment its a slug… U gave him the right name by ya comment: Its a SLUGGAPILLA!!!:thumbsup: lol


Tommy Lee


Craziest name?..I don’t think so…there’s some guy posting call ing himself “Pancreas”. heheh:D


That’s really cool. I like the idea of the big nuke. Poor little dude! :slight_smile:

And yeah, for you I think they need a challenge marked with a stopwatch instead of a calendar…rock on. :smiley:


LOL!! I Love it!, I really dig the expression on his miserable looking mug :slight_smile: this is one of the most unique entries yet :slight_smile: I’m all eyes on this.

a su salud


I like the sluggapillar . I really dig your style your last chalenge is my current desktop if thats any kinda compliment . Keep it up man . :buttrock:


@Hypercube: Thanks for the comment. Btw,… am I really so fast:surprised

@LilD:Thank ya very much. I dunno what to say, just that this is one of the best Forums I know in the net. Cheerz:beer:

@Stygian: That is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG compliment to me.:bounce:
If ya like, I will send ya a big Version of the pics for ya Desktop.
PM me for details. Thank ya very much dude:wavey:.


Tommy Lee


Next update!
This is also a “moving from challenge to challenge”-Pic.:smiley:


Another awesome design Tommy Lee. I like the Slugapillar. But, I’m wondering why he’s straining so hard to pull something suspended by anti-grav devices. Maybe you should put wheels or something on it?

Heheheh … nice tie-in with the previous challenge also :thumbsup:


This is really cool!:love:
I like the narrative you’ve got going:thumbsup:


LOL! Tommy Lee strikes again :buttrock:

And if you turn the signs, he’d be blowing up the ****ing forrest we’ve all seen more then enough of… I’ve really developed a disliking in trees, shrubberies and leaves, while drawing them over the last 6 weeks…



Kirt I think ya right…Damn brain:START THINKING!!!LOL :hmm:


@Jeroentje: A big LOL!!!:bounce:


I had a funnier Idea why he is pulling so hard a antigrav thingy:


Next Update!!!

Btw: I work so fast, because I go on vacation in 2 days. And I come back end of july…sooooooo I´ve to prework to finish it befor August 4th.


I love this one!!!
It’s really funny the way he pulls that thing around, or least he tries to pull that thing around,
It’s very original, and I’m gonna watch this one closely!

:thumbsup: :buttrock: