Beast Of Burden - Character - Pancreas


Hi, i´ll try to keep regular updates and avoid leaving everything for the last day. Ha ha, i can´t believe myself. :stuck_out_tongue:
I´d prefer open theme challenges, but i don´t want to get out of the party, so this is what i ´ve got so far.

After six a3 of sketches, this is my idea. A four legged creature, with a reindeer-yak head. I´ve tried to design a cool and original set of legs, so i went for a mantis type. Oh ho, then i realized they where very similar to those of a cg creature from a science fiction film called attack of the drones or something like that. I hope nobody had seen it. :surprised Well, everything is already invented…

I´m thinking about the harness and trinkets stuff. I want to make different seats, for a crew of 4 or 5 riders, like a b17 flying fortress kind, one on the neck, another on the haunches, hanging from the belly, on the back, etc. with cannon turrets and so on. I´ll draw them tomorrow.
C&C (command and conquer?) very appreciated. Critics are welcolme. Poems and insults are optional.


U SUCK!!! :slight_smile:
O SUCKIEST OF ALL SUCKS… :slight_smile:
anyway the sketch is awesome… im not sure if like those legs but overall its a really cool concept:thumbsup:


I think the front legs are really cool. I reckon the back legs would look a bit better a bit shorter maybe. Maybe with the knees inverted.
But apart from that look like a cool character.


nice sketch and good BoB idea. I think it should look pretty awesome.


Great concept…
It’ll make a great model…


I can’t wait to see it animated!!! (4)


Really diggin the scale and the height. Make some good use of the space below is belly, just like a zeppelin or something.


veeery cool concept!:thumbsup: it’s pretty different from the others!:smiley:


nice one, the best part is the face IMO.
I had a hard time to figure out “what was what” though, but I see great possibilities in this entry! and as I said that face is marvelous, keep it up :thumbsup:


remember me a bit those beasts in Dark crystal… cool start!


Another concept sketch.

On the left there´s the canon site wich will be hanging from the chest. The right drawing is the main bridge, on the haunches looking backwards. There the course is setted and corrected.
The beast hauls two huge saddlebags for supplies, water and junk.
The shepherd warriors wear thick robes and hoods wich protect them of the two suns of Desertia. The cane is to control and lead the beast. It discharges small electrical spells that stimulate the bob´s brain and make it to turn left/right, stop, go forward/backward, seat, catch a frisbee…
Thanks very much for your comments guys. Phyle, i drew the shorter back legs version, and it looked too “biped” to me, i like all legs of the same height, as a deer, more “cuadruped”.
Nanoneen, you can wait seated :stuck_out_tongue: animation is too much for me.
Thanks, Sir Pascal Blanché, oh that movie brigs to me such good memories. Labyrinth was another great film too.
Fellah, i´m glad you like the face, now i must make it express one of the emotions from the rules.
I hope next update will be 3D :smiley:


Really goregous concept art pancreas. it looks awesome.


awesome concept
:thumbsup: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


i loved dark crystal and its univers creatures !!!

good memories ! :slight_smile:


Killer concept…does make me think of the striders, but totally different. The armament and other designs are awesome too. Can’t wait to see this in 3D.


Very nice and detailed sketches! :applause:
I personally love the chest hanging tower and the rear warrior idea. They fit pretty well and makes the beast look like a moving fortress. Come on with that 3D! :thumbsup:


Beautiful concepts here - Leonardo da Vinci sketch quality!!!:buttrock:


Thanks for your comments! This is the first 3D update. I´ve tried to show shaded/wireframe at the same time, a bit confuse.

I´ve used moose´s photos as reference, i´m working on the teeth now. Any suggestions for the hair? I know i can´t cover all the bob with hair, but i´d like to make the long tufts of the dewlap, neck, anckles, etc.


good stuff !!!


A Moose! Goddamn that’s a good idea!

Well - looking splendid at the moment.

Please have a shot of him braying i none render… I’ll pay you! :smiley: