Beast of Burden - Character/Contraption - zenzmurfy



Might as well post the artwork here and the 3d there.


nice concept :thumbsup:

almost looks like a killer volley ball. hehe


That’s great. Very imaginative.:thumbsup:


Excellent concept:thumbsup:

Only prob is the harnes…Id guess that if it were to reall pull on that it may slip back over the head more so. you should possibly latch it down ove the face to the chest pice…kinda like a mussel…but you could do it without putting on a mussel…How the hell do you spell mussel…?

That make any sense…?





Thanks man, I need a dictonary :surprised


Thanks chico, Gamoron and Slacker!

Good point about the harness Chico. I haven’t fully worked it out yet. The upper mass of the body is fat and water and is supposed to vary in size. Mainly the salamander-like lower body is where the harness is secured to the animal. The challenge would be to have the harness be adjustable to the changes in size.

Here’s my concept for the character. It’s a cross between a whale, a camel, and a Pliosaur. It is used for amphibious transport across a frozen tundra. food sources are far between.

The name for the creature is either “tundra titan” or “land whale”


Here are some new images. When out in the water the tether line is lengthen to allow it feed on shallow water. I havent quite figured out how you’d steer where it is going. I may be altering the belly sled to accomodate where it would have its various orifices.


It just occured to me what bob might look like under the right kind of armor. :slight_smile:


Jeeze, I love it, I hope you get a job at somewhere that makes the likes of Pokemon, as you style here looks much like that.

Oh it reminds me of “Bubble Bobble” Such a great game:wip:


Thanks chico! :o)

BTW: in case people missed it, I was thinking that bob in the right kind of armor would look a bit like… pac man :slight_smile:


Here’s a new pic of bob, but with some people around. I was thinking penguin faced people. What do you think?


here are some sketches of a penguin dude


I like the sketches in the middle and upper right. Nice tough-ass looking penquin. I’d save that one for future use as well. Could be a good villian in a comic book or something.


Thanks! Kirt! I’ll probably work on expanding the penguin universe as well as the land whale.


Here’s a older pic of the land whale towing the tent barge from the ocean


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