beast dude, nudity, Alex Huguet (3D)


Title: beast dude, nudity
Name: Alex Huguet
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

just a model that has been sleeping on my hard drive since forever, i´ve been tweaking it on and off and at the end i´m just tired of it, so i´ve decided to post it so i won´t tweak it anymore…zbrush and 3dsmax+vray for rendering. comments and crits are welcome. Also the head of the guy was based on a sculpt by Jordu Schell, I just changed a couple of things like proportions a bit and the nose etc…im not that happy with the model and the detail should be pushed further but i want to model something else and i don´t have the motivation to keep working on this one anymore…
thanks for watching


wonderfull model Alex, and nice render to.:smiley:


Your character have a beautiful Anatomy And beautiful render


:bounce::bounce:great work! mind that we see the wireframe ?


Top notch,great work,perfect!


I love the sculpting here , I hope you do one of a woman that’s as “complete” as this one too :stuck_out_tongue:


You know you anatomy bro I love the shader and the sculpt to bad you didn’t put him in a scene that would have been awesome.

Take care


wonderful sculpt :slight_smile: i love the anatomy and skin tones, very realistic.
I would really enjoy to see this guy posed, clothed and accessorised (maybe even animated)… any plans for this?


Perfect sculpt!!! many compliments:thumbsup:


thanks everyone for the comments. I don’t really have anything planned for the clothing, and I don’t think I will make anything else with it, at least not for the time being…here are a couple of renders more of him.Thanks again for watching


I love the upper body torso, he really has that massive muscle bodybuilder feeling and that is difficult to get. For me, the face is…I said in spanish is easy… La cabeza la asocio mas a un personaje menos musculado, una criatura mas delgada, casi como de rapiña.

Good job, as always, mate.


Nice to see some of your new stuff Alex.


fantastic sculpt !!


Hey Alex,

I’ve seen you working on this during your lunch time and it looks amazing! Looking forward to see your next post!!! Nice render scene as well…

I guess you know how much I hate you dude! Next time I see you I’ll definitely smash your finger so you won’t be able to do this again =P!!!

Nice dude!!!


WTF? Why not so many replies on this thread?

This is great dude! Really nice model and face’s design! Love it!

5* from me!



love it , specially the arms and hand and torso area.

top quality job



I love the way you can tell is an old dude! I bet it wasn’t easy to work the anatomy in this way!
Looking for seeing it with some clothes as someone said… what about some pants? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also…I remember I saw a HDRI render… would love to see it again!

Thumbs up buddy!
:buttrock: :buttrock:


Congrats, dude, it looks very ‘fleshy’, and I’m not talking about… you know… ‘that’ part.

Awesome work!


thanks everyone for the comments and crits, really appreciated
Iker are u finally coming to london? :slight_smile:

here are a couple of screenshots with the model a bit posed, just transposed in zbrush really quick, to break the simmetry…cheers


Outstanding work!!

From concept, to sculpt and fantastic render!

Top notch and screaming for an award.

Thumbs up!