Title: Beast
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This is my latest work, an war animal, modeled for production purpose,and rendered in attacking posing for more visual effect.The background is composed in Photoshop , the model is modeled and rendered with VRay in Max 2009,hair also made in max with VRay hair .Normal maps are generated from Zbrush and composed in Photoshop.For another view of the model you can enter here :
Hope you like it and feel free to comment :slight_smile:


nice model i relly like the detail


nice model and render! I like a background.


very well done, I like


great monster !!!


Nice work.
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Awesome model & nice details. I like its face inside area. good textures painted there.
Keep up the good work.:beer:


Great Work. Love it.


I like the massiveness of his legs and feet. I feel like I’ve met this thing somewhere in a nightmare.


Great job! Especially like the hair and the sense of massive weight to the creature. The only thing that seems a little off to me is the chain thickness. I’d think they would have been a little thicker. Just personal preference though :slight_smile:

Looks Great :slight_smile:


nice concept and i love the model. keep posting


very well done!


great work, Very good details and nice used hair.


good stuff!! i really like it! :applause:


Awesome creature!!


Great work!!!:applause:


fantastic job, congratulations… is possible see other view? please :slight_smile:


who the hell is created this model…

damm Good… :bowdown:

and compositing also…

i like it


Very nice! Great creature and nicely posed! A few suggestions… the chain seems a little lightweight for this guy and the right chain doesn’t seem to go through the loop in his bit. Perhaps a chipped tooth on worn claw? I really like it!


so cool. super job!