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Hey guys,

Still struggling my butt off to get a photo realistic composition. I’ve been looking at this for way too long, please let me know how i can improve this to look more photo realistic … the church that is, the beach is already a photo :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance - Dave.


hi david well eventhough it is strange that some one build a church on the beach the attempt is good the highlights on the stone looks pretty acurrate for that exposure but I think the shadows over the sand should be way darker ( take a look at the dark shadows the photo exposure has )

also think that if this structure has been here for years it would be really damage by waves, storms, and even hurricanes


Cheers James, always appreciate your feedback :thumbsup:

With reference to the sand, do you mean the painted sand at the base of the church?

and as for hurricanes etc, what would you suggest? i gave a little thought to the extreme weather and knocked out the glass, a few tiles here and there, maybe more is needed?

Do you think maybe the boat would cast a shadow across the water?

A church on a beach! yeah a little odd i know :slight_smile: hey maybe aliens picked it up and dropped it off a little misplaced. I’m sure science could explain it in some weird and wonderful way. :slight_smile:

Cheers again - Dave.


In my opinion the church looks too small compared to the boat and the whole little bay. Also the placement on the sand at the water is quite unrealistic. The entrance is facing the ocean. So you will get wet feet while going in and out. :wink: Nobody would build it like that, neither in the real nor in a fantasy world.
Besides this the lighting and shadows look good. And the painted sand integrates the building with the surrounding very well!



Okay so here’s my explaination, be it a little strange Some strange ecological event has caused the ocean to rise slightly … ? i was watching Lost while coming up with this idea, so i guess it could tie in with the strange storyline, the question is, why do you think it’s there, in such a strange location?

Well enough defending my stupidity, strange it is then. I think one thing i’ve learnt from this is quite simply making a realistic comp is one thing, making the scene believable in itself comes first though :thumbsup:

Cheers - Dave.


I’d pretty much given up on this cold turkey but then today I came across a really great piece of ocean DV that matched this scene perfect, so i decided to add that and a little sky to give it a little life. Still needs parallaxing though. Just trying to get it looking more real i guess. (6mb - rightclick, save target as)

Yep, it’s still a strange concept i know :wink:


The integration of moving footage is cool.



nice shot well integration, where did you get the stock for the sea waves?
I think the far background island need more haze at the bottom, it looks too sharp for that distance ( the line ocean - island )


Wonderful matte

I think the shadows from the church on the sand are not dark enough, also the church is not straight, it really bugs me… i hope you fix it and not make excuses not to

good work :love:



Cheers mate, keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Cheers James, the footage came from they’ve recently been purchased by getty and suddenly become host to there video collection i think, everything you can think of sea, clouds, lava, cities etc, its all there, high res, and quite cheap. What’s more if you upload your own photo collection you can exchange credits for stock, which is cool. I’m going to try and do a little camera projection with this to give a sense of paralaxing, so i’ll keep what you said in mind about the island.


Thank you, apologies miguelslo but this was intentional, i wanted to give the impression that the church has slightly sunk into the sand over time. Your right about the shadows, i will correct this. Cheers again.

  • Dave.


I have been looking at your image and something has been bugging me i didnt know what it was until later i looked at my own photo archive of churches. The stained glass window should be more lit by the daylight coming in. Just inside the doorway would just have a sliver of light. i might be wrong but it would be something i would try out. Also the sand would act as a reflector and bounce light into the dark areas of the church. Love the sea movement how about some wisps of sand blowing up from the beach not much but enough.

As for the church being on the beach god moves in mysterious ways.

Love it rich


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