Be wary of promotional crap like this


Firstly I would like to know where this Uni gets accredited with the term “international reputation” from?

I never knew that the journalist at 3D World and 3D Artist magazines (both owned by Future plc) know of all the courses in the world.

This statement made by this particular college has no creditability at all and is just hot air.

The one particular student whom they praise (I Googled her name) graduated in summer 2007 and is claimed to have worked on six major features which 3 where made in 2008 alone.

And why do they only mention one student? Whatever happened to the other 300-400 students.

With the UK government spending cuts I also believe that “The School of Digital Media also organises the international computer graphic imagery event SAND” is cancelled for a rather long time.


Out of curiosity I goolged Swansea Met Uni on “youtube”.

Well I’m appalled…What a load of …

Save your time and money…don’t go their


3d Buzz This is a really good place to get some good tutoring on 3d artwork. I am doing one of their courses currently and loving every minute of it.


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