Bcn City, Juan José Palomo (3D)


Title: Bcn City
Name: Juan José Palomo
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max, combustion, Photoshop, VRay

This is my last work. It is a test about rendering and compositingng a “piece” of a city. I have taken barcelona as reference. I would like to thanks Furia Digital for let me render the scene using the office PCs. Thanks to my friends too(DBT people & Cia) for comments and crits. They have helped me to make it better.

I have made an animation about this. Sorry about the size (15Mb). Here is some frames at the original size and the link to the video file. It´s a Zipped quicktime.

Crits and comments are welcome!

And the Link to the VIDEO FILE


Hope You like it!!!



Thats just amazing work.

Looks very real. Im not sure if the the camera is too wobbly when moving. But hey, great work.


Magnificient work, as the quality is absolutely deceiving between the virtual and the real. The camera movement is very tricky. One tiny crit, the rendering is fuzzy and blurry, but may be this is what you wanted.



Absolutely real, amazing.

Porque tu lo vales :smiley:


Heyyyy!!! I can´t find out where Ronaldinho is?, :stuck_out_tongue:

It´s so realistic, I specially like the trafic lights.
Could u please add a mesh, if u dont mind??
Well done…


Bestial¡¡ :thumbsup:


Thats one of the most realistic things I have ever seen!


awesome!! i honestly don’t know what’s real and what’s not real…

maybe white builidng is fake? what else? white car??

please tell me tell me tell me

awesome job!!! five stars from me!!


Hey Hi all and thanks for the comments.

Everything in the scene is 3D. I have no internet connection at home so it will take one day to post some wires and compositing layers. I will post a soon as possible.

Thanks again for the comments.


what can i see… it´s really amazing, great work, very very pro…
i think theres guys that are pro modelling , lighting , texturing , or animating , but blasphemy … are pro IN ALL THE facts that concerns to 3d process … that´s why i think blasphemy are one of the most great 3d artist of the world .

five star… no doubts… where are the ten star ??? some works require ten star !!

A M A Z I N G !!!


Well… what the hell?
That is indead a very nice piece of work!

How did you start, what have you done before, to learn this?
Write young lad, write! =)


This is awesome!

Looking forward to see the wires!!! :slight_smile:



when i first saw this, i thought most of it was real with a few 3D in it.
then I thought “so sad it’s impossible to animate such a complex scene”
then I saw there IS a video!

unfortunately I can’t download it. Don’t know why. I’ll try tonight at home. Can’t wait to see that.

The picture is so impressive.

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

(5 stars at least)


I don’t think I have ever seen such a stunning piece of animation?


I would love to know where you started with a scene like this, and how on earth you made it come out so well!



FFS THIS IS JUST TO GOOD TOO BE TRUE!! when i first saw this pic i just opened my mouth and just staired! great job there mate


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
finaly I managed to download the movie.
very close to perfection.

a sixth star! :thumbsup:

(lots of white beetles in Barcelona! :wink:


Hi again!!!

Well I hope that these pictures can show you how have I made the scene. They are two simple samples about the way I have built the street. Here you can see the wire, the models, the original frame rendered and the final postproduction step. I hope you find it interesting.

Thanks again for the comments :slight_smile:


Amazing work…very realistic!


Camera work is very good. Reminds me of the camara in Battlestar Galactica. Have to wonder who actually made the original leap of hand held style to the virtual canvas. We’ll be seeing a lot more of it. Several thumbs up. Only crit might be that, at least with my camera, there should be some mic noise from the lens cap swinging around. Thanks for posting.


impressive work! :eek:

Flipante colega :slight_smile: de lo mejor que te he visto, que no es decir poco :stuck_out_tongue: brutal el estilazo tio

Un saludo :wink:

Jonatan | sytron