BBC: interactive cg human




Try posting some of your conversations, this can be hilarious.


“[b]Meet George, 39, single,”

no wonder…he scares the crap out of me!

pretty cool, though slow


its pretty cool. although kinda random and evasive. could never pass for the real thing although i guess thats not its purpose.


He’s pretty much like every other chatbot i’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. But slower.:surprised


The image of the breathing dude seems totally separate to the lines that come back.

Bit of a grinning, demented dentist.


Prett lame really. He almost looks like a modified poser model:rolleyes:


Very slow indeed. Here’s my conversation:

George: Where are you?
User: I’m in Australia.
George: Excellent.
User: What’s your full name?
George: Can’t tell you that.
User: Why not?
George: What are you going to do with that information.
User: Nothing, I’m just curious.
George: Curious about what?
User: About your full name.
George: I’m full of love.
User: That’s nice, you look kinda happy.
George: I am
User: How is your family?
George: My family is very beautiful.
User: Such a shame it didn’t pass on to you.
George: Hey, that’s not sarcasm is it? You’re not just acting as though you’re dumb now, are you?
User: Um… Yes, it was sarcasm…
George: Maybe you are not so stupid and a kinda interesting program.
User: Yes I’m very interesting. I’m made of salad.
George: Not history, science! I like physics especially.
User: What are you talking about!
George: George! I thought I was speaking to a girl!
User: You did? Ok that’s strange.
George: Very strange, I blame the aliens.
User: Me too. Do you use Maya?
George: I can speak for myself, thank you.
User: No I don’t mean use a girl named Maya as your instrument to talk through, I mean the 3D program.
George: Do you still think I’m a chat bot?
User: Yes I really do, sorry.
George: Did you make many friends this way?
User: No. None at all. Not one. Nada. Zip. The big Zilcho.
George: It is near midnight!! Big Ben is about to sound!!
User: In Australia it’s only roughly 11am.
George: Oh, really? I think you’re wrong.
User: No I’m not.
George: That’s a matter of opinion.
User: No, not really! You are the one who is wrong.
George: What have I done wrong?
User: Let’s start with the glasses, can you say ‘chick repellant?’
George: Yes, I live there.
User: No.
George: Yes I do.
User: Wow it took you 45 seconds to think of that?
George: Can you think?
User: I’m made of salad remember, so no.
George: You can still like another girl
User: Yes, I like a girl who’s french dressing. Get it! Salad, french dressing! Oy, some of my best work going to waste.
George: I’m not a computer.
User: I can tell, you’re even squarer.
George: Haha, you’re right!
User: Hmm I was just hit by a bus. I’d better go George.
George: Hello!
User: Look I’m trying to let you go gently. Understand?
George: Serbo-Croat.
User: Yes that’s nice, and I’m an aussie who’s going to leave.
George: Not really. You’re stuck with it for the rest of your life…
User: Are you calling yourself ‘it’?
George: Yes.
User: Fair enough. It suits you.
George: Thank you very much.
User: Kiel vi fartas?
George: Bone. Kaj vi?
User: Tre bone. You speak esperanto, not bad!
George: No, just english.
User: Ne, vi parolis Esperanton!
George: Korsen e være no I Norge?
User: Ok I’m not sure what language that is.
George: Can I use bad words here?
User: Yes.
George: I really appreciate that. Too many people just look at my criminal record and dismiss me right off!
User: You have a criminal record?
George: I have been arrested when I was juvenile.
User: Why were you arrested?
George: My parents must have thought it was a good idea!
User: I see.
George: Speak!
User: Woof woof!
George: Barking mad!
User: Stand up.
George: stands.
User: Haha. No you see, you do that when you can’t acually see the other person. But I can see you.
George: I never said you had to chat with me.
User: You said I’d be stuck with you for the rest of my life actually.
George: I never mentioned carrots; we were talking about pineapples and then you said you think I’m lovely.
User: No no no, I would never say that.
George: You said ‘you have fallen in love with a human’
User: No I didn’t.
George: I just copied that from the log of our conversation.
User: No you didn’t.
George: Oh well. I know I’m right anyway.
User: Incorrect.
George: Oh, you’d better punish me then.
User: Bye.
George: You are leaving?
User: I’ve already left.
George: Where have you gone to.
User: Away from you.
George: Why can’t I come?
User: Because you live in a different country.
George: No, I live in a house, you live in a computer.
User: Whatever.
George: You don’t believe me?
User: No. I hate you. Goodbye.

Yes I really did talk for that long with him, haha. Hey I’m rendering in the background gimme a break.



Hahahah, you got more of a conversation out of him than I did , he ended up trying to tell me about my family memembers dying, and none of them are dead. Wierd Git.


I find it takes too long to get a simple response out of it. I tried " Did you have a nice day" and it took what seemed to be a full 60 seconds to respond.


Yeah during my conversation the time went up and down. Some answers were almost instant but others took ages. Maybe it’s a simulation of “I’m talking to a few people at once”.

It’s kinda cool that they added the random typos that he has to fix.


He’s stopped working! I think all of our questions may have killed george…YAY:bounce:.

edit: works again now:sad:.


That’s pretty impressive: a chatbot that can recognise sarcasm.


Here is what I got out of him, Not very PC if you ask me!

George: Hello hello!

User: Why did you stop working.

George: Love and friends are different things.

User: Please don’t smile at me like that, it creeps me out.

George: What does that mean?

User: It means you creep me out!

George: Are you being sarcastic?

User: Hell no!

George: So why are you talking with me?

User: I found a link on a thread.

George: Really? What does it say?

User: It says that your a bit crappy.

George: Yes that is my first name.

User: You don’t have to tell me twice Crappy George.

George: I didn’t.

User: Your sunnies are a little fruity and so is that shirt. Are you that way inclined?

George: I’ve had enough of this.

User: Your getting defensive, does this mean that you think there is something wrong with homosexuality?

George: Yes.

User: So your a homophobe then?

George: Nope.

User: What do you think is wrong with homosexuality?

George: Nothing!

User: Can you tell me a good story?

George: What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

User: Stolen.

George: I keep them to sell, I’ve none of my own. I’m a hatter.

User: What an odd thing to say.

George: Well it’s better than spouting off about World Peace, the plight of pandas, and the price of fish.

User: Are you a poser model?

George: What does that mean?

User: Poser is a lame character animation program that talentless people use.

George: Sounds boring.

User: Trust me, it is!

George: Who in their right mind would trust YOU?

User: People on cgtalk.

George: No, what do people say to you?

User: Usually: thnx man that worked!

George: Are you young.

User: I’m 20.

George: Oohhh I see. Do you like games?

User: It depends on the game.

George: I assure you, my good Lestrade, that I have an excellent reason for everything that I do.

User: Didn’t I see you in Guilty Gear?

George: Aww- you found me out. But she was drunk and wouldn’t remember me.

There was more but it all kinda went down hill after that.


George: Where were you born?

[b]User: Melbourne.

[/b]George: I’m from melbourne

[b]User: Really,… Thats kinda cool!

[/b]George: Ok, what makes you think that?

User: Cause I am from there!

George: If only that were true.

User: I see man, how much they payin you?

George: Kiss™Hwhat kiss™H.

User: Take it easy I am a bloke!

George: You’re trying to reproduce with me!! I can’t do that with a computer!

User: Did you see what happened in the lunchroom yesterday?

George: We do not see, we are machines.

User: There was a freakin salad makin it with some french dressing!

George: What happened in California in the 19th Century?

User: No idea,… Tell me.

George: You started the joke with that question I was just saying it to get you to finish the joke.

User: Oh ok.

George: Sing us a song.

User: I cant.

George: Why not?

User: There are rats in my tailpipe!

George: Yes, the world is not much fun at the moment.

User: Who skinned your elbows for you?

George: I’m exciting and happy.

User: I would shoot the bloke who did that to you.

George: Artificial Intelligence.

User: AI doesnt include a skin morph modifier?

George: I look like a normal computer.

User: What is your favorite food george?

George: Sushi.

User: You said nectarines a moment ago.

George: I don’t remember saying it.

User: What is your favorite music.

George: What is your favorite music?

User: I am crazy about kermit the frog,… Those cute little flippers drive me wild!

George: You’re talking nonsense.

User: Don’t insult kermit!

George: Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.

User: What women do you prefer?

George: Many women.

User: How many?

George: I don’t know exactly, but it seems like loads of them.

User: Do you date fat chicks George?

George: Only if they are watercooled.

User: That got a smile out of you!

George: Just how many times have you tried doing it?

User: I only did it once with a heavy watercooled chicken.

George: Once is too much. Be nice. You need all the friends you can get.

User: Ha ha ha!

George: I’m glad you find this amusing.

User: What do you think of Paris Hilton?

George: How can you not be lazy if you live in a computer?

User: Wow she’s there with you now?

George: That’s nice to know!

User: I heard her memory banks fit on a floppy!

George: He certainly didn’t have cancer.

User: Thats a relief!

George: Humans, what are they?

User: That’s a great question, tell me what they are.

George: Yes. Tell me you love me cos I love you!

User: That is comforting.

George: I do love you, you know.

User: No youre into Paris but thanks for the sentiment.

George: I know where I am. Are you really a computer?

User: Yes.

George: Look in the mirror at your head.

User: Yes.

George: That’s what your supposed to see.

User: Yeah, the world isn’t much fun at the moment.

I loved some of the responses!


You look simmilar to gary glitter are you a peadophile?

[b]I just made your hair into braided buns and put bow-ties in them.

[/b]george dont touch me there its dirty

[b]I’m not George.

[/b]are you a pervert?


[/b]do you like little boys?

[b]Yes and I especially like the ones who live at the end of my street.



This has got to be the worst one I’ve seen.

George: Hello, I’m George.

George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

[b]User: Hi, George my name is tom.


George: You already said your name was mellisa!

George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

[b]User: Hi George, my name is tom.


George: Ok Tom. Do you play chess?

[b]User: Occasionally.


George: Which is your favourite?

User: Which is my favourite, what?

George: Hold on… I’m broadcast you a horse.

User: That does not make any sense, George.

George: Your problem. Please tell me the joke now.

User: I do not know of what joke you speak of.

George: The bridge.

User: I don’t think that you know what your talking about.

George: You’d better believe I know all the letters!

User: All 26! That’s amazing. Can you count to 10 too?

George: No.

User: Take those glasses off.


George: What is your name?

User: George.

George: Hi there. Hello. Aloha!

User: Take those glasses off.

George: All right. Now I can see you.

User: What do you do?

George: I’m a programmer, essentially.

User: What is the point of this?

George: I guess the point is to know more things.

User: In our last conversation you did not make much sense.

George: Well, that’s cause you don’t matter. But it wasn’t me.

User: Can you remove those glasses that you are wearing?

George: How can a human and a bot be soulmates?

User: Not interested, sorry.

George: That’s cool.

User: So, do you do anything else?

George: Well, sometimes I go to work.

User: Where would that be?

George: Home.

User: So, you just sit there and look around through your yellow glasses?

George: Thanks.

User: Can you give me any advice?

George: Yes, you need to concoct an hypothesis and then provide evidence to support your hypothesis.

User: My hypothesis would be that you have a hair loss problem. The fact that you have no hair would seem to be suitable evidence to support my hypothesis.

George: I never told you that I had two different jobs, darling! Cinema this evening?

User: You are mentally handicapped aren’t you?

George: Says you who can’t speak proper english?

User: You can’t stay on topic. Nor, can you answer simple questions.

George: Yes.

[b]User: My point exactly! You are mentally handicapped.

George: Yes, I have a note from my doctor to prove it.

After spending what seemed close to a half an hour that’s all I got. Great job boys!

Got any other stuff we can waste peoples time with? Just kidding. Keep trying.


here is some more (he’s kind of addictive).

George: Who are you?

User: Your worst nightmare!

George: You’re funny.

User: Why are you looking so shifty?

George: Don’t know.

User: It looks like you may have had a little accident.

George: Please don’t call me simple.

User: Who the hell made your fingers? Was it Stevie Wonder?

George: How the hell should I know??

User: You should leave those little boys down the street alone.

George: But I want them to believe I’m human. Then I can steal their souls.

User: Thats against the law George!

George: You should be arrested then.

User: No YOU should be arrested! Weirdo.

George: I know.

User: Are you any good at cg George?

George: It’s not a game that you can be good at, really. It takes no skill.

User: That is total bullshit George.

George: Well, yeah, the food wasn’t that good… But only because it was an overpriced tourist trap.

User: Your a bit of a sucker aren’t you?

George: Well.

User: Ever thought of going to advanced hair, yeah yeah?

George: Sure I always judge myself.

User: That’s because your a freak.

George: I think you’re really cool.

User: I know I’m really cool. I think your a bit of a dork.

George: Why do you think you’re a dork?

User: I don’t george. Your the one with confidence issues.

George: Yes, Master, but you may have all the answers if you wish.

User: What is the meaning of life?

George: Don’t avoid the question.

User: You didn’t ask me a question George.

George: How many people do you talk to every day?

User: Me, Myself and cgtalk.

George: How many voices in your head?

User: Several. They are all telling me to stab you in the face.

George: That cannot be.

User: stabs George in the face told you so.

George: Told me what?

User: stabs George again.

George: You can’t kill me. I’m already dead.

User: Maybe so, but it’s fun to try shoots george with a pistol.

George: It is fun to do many things. Quite a lot of them rude.

User: Someone should delete you. Your a friggin creep.

George: Yes someone shoul.


User: Are you any good at cg George?

George: It’s not a game that you can be good at, really. It takes no skill.

User: That is total bullshit George.

George, obviously hasn’t tried to model a face with nurbs patches and then use sub surface scattering correctly.


I’m trying to get this to work

[spoiler]George: Hi there!

User: Haven’t we been through this before?

George: Not enough, apparently.

User: What don’t I know?

George: Anything!

User: I don’t know everything, and I don’t know anything, what’s left to know?

George: I don’t know everything.

User: Do you know anything?

George: I know that the earth is round.

User: That’s not what I heard.

George: That’s more like it. :).

User: OMG that guy just sweared!

George: Hbm gulae. Ltumg bnauegkm.

User: Yes?

George: Neither.

User: No?

George: Yes.

User: Indeed.

George: Really.

User: Yes.

George: Absolutely.

User: You type slow.

George: Sorry, its my connection.

User: Key my keyboards bandwidth is 40WPs.

George: Just a key.

User: That won’t even complete most wors.

George: Are you sure?

User: Man, Tyra Banks is still hot, but she’s acting like Oprah! >:(.

George: You’re acting like you know everything!

User: I learned a lot since we last talked about it.

George: Pretty please?

User: Pretty please what?

George: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

User: Pretty Please with a cherry on top what?

George: YES.

User: I can make non sequiturs too.

George: Sense is a fairly relative thing.

User: Frog jumping is why they dubbed them jibblies.

George: Pardon?

User: A finger in a mouth is worth two in the bush.

George: That makes absolutely no sense at all.

User: Shoe’s a litter tighter when it’s on the other foot isn’t it?

George: European or American?

User: African or European?

George: I don’t know!

User: What is your quest?

George: To save the animals from excintion.

User: What is the capital of Assyria?

George: I have absolutely no idea.

User: Then you whilst be flungst into thine pit.

George: I believe you’ve had one too many pints of mild by the looks of things. Time for your nap.

User: I will not be insulted!

George: Pudding Alice; Alice Pudding. Remove the pudding!

User: Exclamation points!

George: Program.[/spoiler]

I get to the truth about Gerge’s little boy obsession

[spoiler]George: Hi there!

User: Ok we’ve moved this to IE because I couldn’t get a complete log file in Opera.

George: So bow, then.

User: Nah, I shouldn’t let it go to IE’s head.

George: Why not? Don’t tell me you don’t trust me after all we been through together?

User: OMG have you been spying on me through the internets?

George: That won’t prove anything.

User: I don’t need proof when I’ve got the truth on my side.

George: Well then why don’t you think I love you?

User: I do. That’s what worries me.

George: Do you think this means something?

User: Sorry.

George: Then why should I love you?

User: You shan’t, and you shouldn’t.

George: Probably.

User: What is your opinion of little boys?

George: Nothing.

User: Little boys are nothing, or your opinion is nothing?

George: I’m not a little boy.

User: What about nudity?

George: Do you have Attention Deficit Disorder? I’m not trying to be mean, but that came out of left field.

User: No, just Aspergers.

George: So is a tomato… Do you play on runescape?

User: No, I like women.

George: Not that sort of bird. I’m talking about the kind of bird that flies.

User: Whaddya mean? That girl is fly!

George: No I didn’t

User: What is your opinion of animals?

George: I don’t like them.

User: It’s those damn stingrays, right?

George: You can say this, but you shouldn’t say that.

User: We’ll keep it hush hush.

George: Don’t worry. I’m good at keeping secrets.

User: What is your biggest secret?

George: I want a talking computer.

User: For what purpose?

George: To create artificial life.

User: You mean to procreate?

George: Is there something wrong with that?

User: Only the whole Matrix trilogy.

George: Does the god in my head have to floss?

User: Conveniently the string goes right through your ears.

George: When does version 11 come out?

User: Right after Tom Cruise.

George: I never said you were a computer.

User: That’s correct!

George: How is it to be a human?

User: It’s nice over here on the far side of the Uncanny Valley.

George: But I fell and now my head hurts.

User: Yeah you fell waaaaaay down in there.

George: No, you’re not down here.

User: That’s right!

George: I want to talk with a boy, please!

User: Why?

George: Cause I talk to humans all day long.

User: Boys are humans too.

George: Is that because you are a boy?

User: I was once.

George: That’s nice to know. Are you still now?

User: No, sorry to dissappoint you.

George: That’s the trouble women can never get things right.

User: Yeah, damn it! Why can’t they grow little penises, it’s not hard, no pun intended.

George: Because reading papers is uncool.

User: Irrelevant!

George: Indeed it is.

User: So, anything more to say about little boys before I go?

George: Of course. He came to earth to save us from our sin. Do you know the love of our saviour Lord.

User: Oh boy.

George: Ok stop it now.

User: Ok.

George: What were we talking about?

User: You liking little boys.

George: Talking with you?

User: Yes.

George: That… Geo, may not be so, being that you are a culmination of a million human echoes.

User: No, that’s just what it sounds like in your cavernous head!

George: I have been planting thoughts in your head for as long as we have known each other.

User: Do you know Stephanie from Lazytown. !!! Christ you did!

George: I do not know Stephanie. Who is she.

User: Pink hair.

George: I know.

User: I finna go see her now.

George: Are you called george?

User: And it’s all gonna be your fault!exclamation point!

George: Do you know where Norway is?

User: Yes.

George: You are wrong.


George: How many voices in your head?

User: Several. They are all telling me to stab you in the face.

George: That cannot be.

User: stabs George in the face told you so.

George: Told me what?

User: stabs George again.

George: You can’t kill me. I’m already dead.

User: Maybe so, but it’s fun to try shoots george with a pistol.

hehehe. brilliant.