Its my first post here,
feel free to post crits.


I think it’s cool. I like the colors and the way you’ve rendered the umbrella and walls.

I can’t really make out what’s going on in the lower half of the painting. I think that’s a person in a hat sitting under the umbrella. And maybe there is a pile of fruit or nuts that he/she is selling?

I think the composition would be a lot more powerful if there was some sort of secondary light source near the bottom, like if the person was watching a very small television or something. That would bring out a lot of detail and reinforce the overall impression of what’s going on in the picture.

Good first post! I hope to see more of your work.


This is beautiful! Personally I actually really like the dark shadow (cast by another building im guessing?). It adds a lot of mystery to it, as well as reinforcing that there is more than just what you see in this small scene. I can see how some would think its too dark though. I agree with Jake that a very low secondary light could add a lot and really help define the shapes under the umbrella, but if your goal was to make it mysterious and calming, i think this works very well. You really get a feeling for what time of day it is. Maybe im wrong but it feels like its morning and the marketplace is just opening so its not really bustling with shoppers yet. Very good!


:beer: Very well done. The colors the contrast everything came together perfectly.



No crits… that’s cool… :applause:


i like it a lot!

i think that not only the shadow should be brighter… but the whole picture. i mean… it looks like it’s daylight in the picture… but it has no life from the light. i don’t know if you get what i mean. sometimes in the day there are places where are very bright under the sun, and there are covered places which are nice lit. those covered places are the places which are a bit too dark in my opinion. you could brighten up everything and make use of some radiosity in order to bring the picture to another level :stuck_out_tongue:

did i mention the pic is great?

i played with your pic a little (just 5 min - i hope you don’t mind) and to try to get my idea on. here is it:


Hey thaz pretty neat - Reminds me of Mexico :stuck_out_tongue:


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