Battlestar, Philip Straub (2D)


Title: Battlestar
Name: Philip Straub
Country: USA
Software: Painter, Photoshop

A painting created for the Q and A section of UK fantasy magazine ImagineFX. At the end of the day, this really became an experiment in using and creating custom brushes- all in all I think I made close to 500. The painting was primarily made using Photoshop with a touch of Painter thrown in.

All crits and comments welcome …and I thank you for looking

P.S. make sure to check out the larger version…please:)




Cool stuff!


:buttrock:Amazing , how long did it take to make?:bounce:


Wow! beautiful and emotive colours!5 stars and 5 more!:thumbsup:


Woo, two perfect work, color of this image are great, and it shows the high speed feeling.


Thanks man! I dunno…with all the brush experimentation…I’d say too long:) I repainted a bunch of things 3 or 4 times because I didn’t like the effect I was getting with the brushes I made…maybe it was 40 hrs??



i love the polluted palette, quite similar to the one i use with oil on canvas, now to the scene, the scale is wonderful, and the chaotic placement of lights and smoke gives it an awesome battle mood.


This is, needless to say, an awesome piece, but the blueish spacecraft up to the left annoys me a bit. The whole composition draws the eye from the foreground towards the far background, but that spacecraft seems to move in the opposite direction, with the wave pattern of the flames from its engine not really going in any direction. I think it’s breaking the composition apart and reducing the drama. As a professional, you probably have some good explanation for this, and I would really appreciate if you said something about it :slight_smile:


I think you’re right:) As a professional my explanation is, I painted this thing over and over and couldn’t quite get what I wanted so I moved on:) All part of the learning process…

I did want the image to be chaotic and busy as the moment I was illustrating was supposed to be just that. The other thing that I’ve grown tired of is the simgle focal point approach all to common in my work and much of the work out there- so I’m searching for something different.



Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile: It always amazes me when artists like yourself say you’re still in a learning process. It makes me wonder if the frustration over pieces that won’t turn out as originally planned ever stops :slight_smile:


Holy moly!! I wish I had your determination, and not to mention skill :buttrock: 5 stars


It is true that we can identify some patterns that doesn’t fit the parts but it doesn’t disturb me. It’s painting, not photography.
For me that piece rocks!
Five stars !


I saw that two your new works beafore this one. But i must repair myself, this one is the best work from yours (for me sure), I can´t understand how, damn … I looking at it 10mins, and haven´t enought… 5stars, but I know that is too small for work, this need to be at front page.:applause: Congratz and keep it.

P.S.: and sorry my english, because, when I see your works, I can´t write and talk normal :smiley:


Stunning work.


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