Battlestar Galactica


First Impressions?


Yes, do share.


With the exception of some of the effects, a pile of whatever animal waste word you like.

Ignoring the original show’s storyline, since I am not a huge fan of the original series, I thought this show, on its own, sucked.

The characters are all flat, with two exceptions, James Olmos and the woman who played the president. The need to use sex as a device to get people to watch a sci-fi show? fing retarded.

Thank goodness there is no talk as of yet to make this a permanent show, it would surely blow goats nuts.


It wasn’t too bad, and the effects ranged from pretty good to fracking awsome.

But it’s a pretty big bad booboo to make Starbuck and Apollo a couple of ass****s :shrug:

But I’m waiting for the conclusion to make a final judgement.


45 minutes, 4 encounters involving sexuality, (1) fatal illness, a father / son rivalry, a mad scientist who thinks with his genitals…

and it’s still boring.



I thought it was cool to see something new. Especially since all space operas fail horribly these days… The sex and all, I think it is there to just prove the point of how close minded / selfish the human race is at that time in conjunction with the speach Olmose gave. Overall though, I got an Andramada feel from it (last ship, last commander, pull the last of humanity back together…). I wanted to see more of the fleet getting blown up, seems like its playing very low key focusing too much on the Galactica itself in the beginnings of such a huge onset of chaos around it.

“Oh, hey, look at this, our fleet was just whiped out.”
“Really, that sucks, I guess we should do something about it…”
“yes, perhaps… but what…?”

I do agree with the reviews though, the characters, aside from the Cylonchick, they are flat. But the CG was pretty good. I just don’t care much for that handycam zoom they keep doing on the ships…

I’m waiting for the conclusion…


What Armada was to Transformers, this new BSG is to the BSG TOS. Even more turkey after Thanksgiving.

Incoming missile! No wait- it’s a bomb.

And to think I missed The Rock’s return to RAW for this.



“biggy biggy biggy…”


Most remakes aren’t the same as the originals though thats the one thing they all have in common.

What is wrong with armada though someone tell me!!


Well I guess, based on the ads I’ve seen a couple times on the scifi channel, they are in fact going to continue with this into a series next winter. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about it based on the two part movie. Oh well, hopefully it won’t bump out something better in its planned timeslot



I figured I would BUMP one of the Battlestar Galactica threads since the series started yesterday. I saw it and was very impressed. High potential in this series and would recommend it to anyone into sci-fi… actually, even if your not into sci-fi, you might like it.

Anyone else see it yesterday? Comments?

(and for the love of gawd, NO SPOILERS - I believe the series in the UK is 6 months ahead of what is playing in the US)


are you guys serious man this series rocks!! up to episode 10 of series 1 and I absolutely love it :smiley:


I really enjoyed it, and I hope it lives a long time.


yeah, i like it too. not much good sci-fi on tv these days, but this show is cool. my dad was/is a HUGE fan of the original series so i am familiar with that show’s characters and plots and what not, and while i can see how a diehard fan of the original might be turned off by the many changes that have been made, i think, on it’s own this is a nice series and i am looking forward to watching it every week.


i think its not bad…id rather watch that than say…Will & Grace…:smiley:


When I first started watching the episodes on TV (I taped all of them from sci-fi and watched them for the first time from the beginning today) I didn’t think that it was going to be very good, and I half wanted to turn it off and go back to trying to learn XSI. But soon the hours passed (I think like 4 or something) and my taped shows were over, and I couldn’t stand that it just left off like that… (Wont spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet) Needlessly to say I am now hooked on the series and cant wait for more
Now, back to XSI, and the Game Art Challenge

PS- They are showing the series from the beginning on Sci-Fi tomorrow

[right]-Have a good night, DevilHacker[/right]


The idea was great buy good lord most of the acting was horrifyingly bad. If I can save one poor soul from wasting their life on this I will be happy. I only wish someone would’ve done it for me…


It’s not exactly my favorite show, but at least it’s better than the mini-series.



I loved the pilot episode( 3 hrs or something? ) - very good in it’s own right. But I haven’t got Sky. Shit. :cry:

But I did manage to see the advert for the new series, and all I can say is that after a good 20years+ - Richard Hatch still puts the rest of the Male Species to shame! :hmm:

Whats his secret? “Just-for-Men”? :argh:


It’s kind of hard to believe the humans from both the old and new series could be that stupid. In the remake they claim to have fought the Cylons forty years ago and when the war was over the Cylons retreated to their part of space, never to be heard from again. Didn’t it occur to the humans to keep an eye on them? Did they really just go back to their lives and think the threat was gone? How could anyone be that dumb?