Battlefield (eidos), Xavier Marquis (3D)


Pictures realised with Maya for a promotion about a videogame : Shellshock Nam’67 (Guerrilla Games / Eidos - 2004)

I havé 8 pictures in high res for this game. Only 2 are free for diffusion by myself.

Little addon quickly insert
This pic was construct like an icon

Content diffused with the authorisation from EIDOS and Guerrilla Games


Wow, that looks really great !
Do you have an animation too ?

The only thing that I see that looks a bit strange are the heli’s, they seem to fly in quite a strange angle, even when you think that they are about to land…


Very nice!

Yea, top 2 heli’s I’d expect leaning forward, or if leaning backward… be closer to the ground like the other one.

Either way, very nice, I doubt you’d get authorisation to post a wire, but would be good to see what was touched up and what wasn’t.


Dear Xavier Marquis:
Great stuff. The foreground bush, though, feels like an obstruction. Although your eyes are not directly drawn to it, the bush flusters the focal point. With this competition, it’s calling attention to it, and when that attention is given, the bush looks 3D and slightly fake under scrutiny. There’s a painterly feel to the piece, and the bush doesn’t give that, thus it sticks out and and seems fake and out of place. It wouldn’t be too noticable if it was more off to the side. Overall, awesome work.



Very Nice Work! :thumbsup: Congrat! :beer:


Very nice.
Is not my favorite of your work on this videogame, one other who looks like watercolour is very impressive.

Who many time for this images?


very nice scene,I love the lighting!!
beau boulot mec!!!:bowdown:


Great work! :buttrock:


Great lightning and effects! Everything is really good! :applause:
I like the crucifixion illustration too!
Just : :bowdown:


Ouch , great stuff u have , I would like to check the wires
as always:buttrock:


ca y est tu les as poster c’est vraimment vraimment vraimment de la grosse bombe, la j’ai rien a redire je suis admiratif, c’est un pur travail.
les explosions au fond sont en 2d ? va falloir que tu poste quelques trucs explicatifs.

ton meilleur travail (et de loin) a mon sens.:buttrock: :buttrock:
faut poster le deuxieme…


nice work!

but it seems that the heli’s flying backward


Amazing woek out there…

I agree about the heli’s position…other than that > Just Perfect…:thumbsup:


For the record…

Lots of pilots kept the nose up on low, fast set downs. That way enemies on the ground in front of them had a smaller window of oppurtunity to shoot them as they were landing in hot zones.

And the pic looks great. I love the action and viewers angle. Very unsettling.



IT ROCKS…:surprised


Vraiment magnifique! Je suis d’accord avec les helico et la plante … mais si beau!

J’adore encore plus celle que tu a sur ton site (le soldat crucifie dans la jungle)

Tu est mon maitre :bowdown: :wink:


that’s amazing, almost unbelievable. The explosion is perfect, especially considering explosions are easier to pull off when they’re animated because the sheer movement can cover a lot of mistakes. Having still shot of an explosion is more difficult, but this one is so well done. :thumbsup:


arf, encore un truc qui tue tout :applause:



Wow. I need to go practice.


Very nice work. Crucifixion is just wonderfully violent/painfull - although maybe he needs to be a bit more bloody/beat up looking. Can’t wait to see an animation (if there is one :slight_smile: )