Battlefield, Dragos Jieanu (2D)


Title: Battlefield
Name: Dragos Jieanu
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This one was inspired by one of the best artists ever, Ralph McQuarrie.
I thought it should be at 2D since 70% is photoshop.
I know the composition is not the most fortunate one. The initial sketch had a simple “one point perspective” composition, but I’ve tried to experiment with something more complex…and failed :)) That’s why it’s called trial and error. Anyway, I’ve put too much effort into it to throw it away, so here it is. Max for 3D, Photoshop for painting.
For more details go here:


Superb! You certainly achieved a McQuarrie-esque look, well done. I love the way that everywhere I look, there is something happening. I also really like the way we’re seeing from the perspective of inside another craft. If I had to give any critique, I’d say that perhaps there is a little too much blue overall - perhaps if the planet had been a slightly warmer tone, it would have made an interesting contrast and would also have helped to bring additional focus to the ship in the middle, but what you’ve done looks great anyway.

You do really, really superb work and this is a fantastic new addition to an already fabulous portfolio.



You have achieved a terrific sense of scale with this image.
Absolutelly fantastic and deserving of an award, in my opinion.



Glad you didn’t ‘throw it away’ :slight_smile:
Abolutely stunning image and composition, also the color scheme looks like some of the older sci-fi paintings, unlike Leigh I find the blueish tone perfect.


Looks great mate, now if only we can see it in motion :stuck_out_tongue:


this is stunning…
hats off to your imagination Dragos Jieanu…
hey man waht are you made of?..
amazing photography skills too…the image you shot from the top is cool…
5stars to you Dragos Jieanu… :bowdown:


Great work!!!
Best regards, Selwy


Wow, beautiful image!!


magnific stuff wow! breath taking!


Woohoo, the finishing on this one looks great. I’m loving all the tiny details.

Another great job, man!


Awesome , great job man, love the action.


I looks like sci fi book cover which means you’ve captured the mood very good. I can imagine the amount of work, starting with the planet background, the space station and the ships. As a huge sci fi fan i will tell - Bravo. :thumbsup:


SUPER!!GREAT WORK! You are super artist! Cheers


Wow! It’s mindblowing stuff! Congrats! You rock :buttrock:


wow dragos. you rock… more than ever!
congrats, this is simply perfect.


Wow, I didn’t expect a plug. When I said I wanted to throw it away I wasn’t kidding :slight_smile:
@Leigh, I think I’m not even close to a McQuarrie-esque look, that’s a great compliment, thank you. The overall image is indeed a bit too saturated blue. I’ve changed the colors many times in the process and finally gave up…it makes it a bit confusing, I know. Thanks again for the plug and critique.
@Zeoyn, thanks man, I like big scenarios.
@pokoy, getting that old sci-fi look was my intention, I even kept the background spaceships designs close to the old star-wars concepts.
@AdrianLazar, It wasn’t made for motion but it can be animated it as long as I’ll find some good footage or some nicely rendered explosions.
@kunalsahare, hehe thanks man
@thyn, not too much work on the background though, Canon made things easier for me :slight_smile:
@Manuel, nice to see you again mate :slight_smile: thanks for dropping by.


the space ship at the center has cool design
I wonder which types of missile have white smoke and which have black smoke :drool:


Some nice depth, and sense of drama to this scene. Very nice! :buttrock:


Very cool and beautifully done. My only thing to mention is the top left (our left) smoke trail is a little hard on the contour (but nice coloring), and the color scheme kind of blends the space vechicle into the background and such, taking away from some of it’s depth perception.

I must mention that I love this space fighter here. It has a really great design, well rendered, and I love the shine, shape, and contours of it. It’s a great focal point (and even a great angle). The space city/station is really good and has this reflection look to it (like only half of it’s there and the bottom part is like a reflection in still water). It’s a really cool effect.

Your trails of smoke in general are really well done and rendered. The atmosphere is well captured, the composition was nicely thought out, and you did a great job capturing that sense of action in this scene. Keep it up. Great job. I really love it.


Wow - Love it!