Battlefield Bad Company 2 ::Game Prod. Focus


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Showing little restraint, the guys at DICE has upped the ante on the destructive joys of Multiplayer FPS with Battlefield Bad Company 2. The Art Director and Level Designer talk about the ways of Destruction 2.


Cool stuff! I LOVE this game, it’s the best multiplayer game I’ve ever played, and the quality of the graphics is absolutely superb. Huge props to the talented folks at DICE.


And the dynamics\simulations are insane!

Nice article Paul! :thumbsup:


Ditto!! so much more variety and playstyle than COD and their ilk


Glad you like it! Didn’t know that we would show it off here at CGtalk, but that’s cool! :slight_smile:



hey erik,
say hello to the guys who graduated from Digital Arts and Entertainment for me if you want :slight_smile:
(i’m a current student there, heard there were some guys that got into DICE :slight_smile: )


:surprised better than CoD.
have to see if they got a demo.


Amazing Game!!! Ill be seeing a bunch of you on the battlefield tonight :wink: Game has me hooked, especially now that I’ve unlocked my M95!!!


I agree. This is a fantastic game and very addictive. definitely one of the best FPS games I have played in a long time! oh yeah and of coarse the graphics are insane


Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Rush mode is the best thing happening in gaming right now.


this game is so much fun. awesome job on this game and thanks for posting the production focus :slight_smile:


Talking about this with friends last night…

Some lovely work - but it’s weird that games is one of the only industries which shows off concept art often in preference to actual game assets. Imagine Showing the making of a film - you’re going to being showing a lot of film stills, rough cuts AND concept work.

Here, as in the above article? Pure drawings. Seen this a lot and I get it happens because such artwork is attractive but still seems a bit focused in the wrong direction.


Rush is all kinds of awesome, but I’ve also become quite hooked on Conquest recently. It’s a nice break from Rush and can be just as much fun. The Atacama Desert and Panama Canal maps are really fantastic.

I’m really looking forward to the new Onslaught mode that’s coming soon too.


You know, my Conquest skills have taken a dive from the first Bad Company to the sequel. Maybe there was too much Conquest playing for me on the first game, or maybe that Rush demo for PS3 was so fun that it just carried my interests over to the full game. Heck, I still haven’t tried squad rush. Lol.

Yes, I wasn’t expecting Onslaught mode or anything like it for DLC. Fans have been begging for co-op from this series for a long time, so it is refreshing to see that DICE is listening. Since there are many who probably never played the incredible 4 player co-op campaign on the PC version of G.R.A.W (respect to GRIN), many will once again experience the joy of objective based co-op with three of their friends. Or at least something similar. Can’t wait.


I really loved the single player campaign, the gameplay is great and its nice to get a break from the ultra-serious “end of the world” setting you usually get.

However, the multiplayer gameplay have some flaws and design contradictions. Its very sniper-centric, guns feel too weak, level progression is punishing to new players, some guns are clearly superior to all others, classes are not properly balanced etc.
Its not a game for everyone. It can be tons of fun sometimes and extremely frustrating at others.


This isn’t really the game’s fault though, it’s just people being fail. I’ve even seen people playing as snipers in close quarters, like in buildings and stuff. It’s pathetic. I’ve lost count of the number of games where we’ve absolutely thumped the opposing team because so many of them were playing snipers and not making any attempt to capture objectives.

Each map does have an area or two that is particularly conducive to sniping, but the trick is simply to keep an eye on it and take them out accordingly. Flank them and stab them in the back, or keep a sniper in your squad to call in mortar strikes on them.

guns feel too weak

Try Hardcore mode then.

level progression is punishing to new players

I actually disagree with this. I ranked up to 22 (the first officer rank, if I recall correctly) within a week or so of playing. The key to ranking up is not just scoring kills, it’s about capturing objectives and skillful playing, in particular utilising the unique skills in your character’s class. Using the medic’s defibs, for example, racks up a lot of XP, while using the engineer’s mines and rocket launchers are great ways to destroy vehicles and get multi kills which give you big bonuses. Using the assault class with C4 is a deadly combination on vehicle-heavy maps and the sniper’s mortar strike can be used to deadly tactical effect too. Spotting targets for your team is essential too, plus it gives you bonuses. Battlefield is meant to be a game that’s played tactically and playing together as a squad with three others and communicating clearly with them is the best way to succeed.

And as you rank up, the amount of XP you need to rank up again becomes so huge that it’s really satisfying when you do actually rank up. Completing insignias and trying to get various pins becomes much more essential for ranking up quickly.

I agree that sometimes the game can be frustrating though. The lame camping snipers are irritating and I’ve seen quite a lot of bad sportsmanship in matches, plus it’s really about time that everyone knew how to fly the choppers because it’s really not funny any more when you climb into one and the pilot crashes it immediately, but at the end of the day we always have a laugh playing. I have a couple of friends that I play with regularly and it’s just cool to get together online and have some fun in Battlefield.


Bad company 2 is such an amazing game. Great work to the team for making an amazing and fun game.

I’ve been addicted to Rush mode ever since I got it. Such a great game when it comes to Multiplayer, you really have to use teamwork to win, unlike games like COD, where if you have one player who’s godlike, you have a high chance of winning.

Two thumbs up for the DICE team! :bowdown:


nice graphics and decent gameplay controls, but the game seems a little too easy even on the normal difficulty.


I played the Bad Company 2 beta and the foliage looked just like the foliage in BF2.
I would’ve thought that in 5 years, techniques on how to create believable foliage would’ve evolved.
Those alpha planes don’t look too realistic. Why don’t you guys model out a few of those trees? Would the next-gen consoles be unable to render those few extra trees and leaves?

Oh yea and btw, when is BF3 coming out?


I dont really think its an argument to blame anything on the players. Everyone knows that if its possible to abuse something, people WILL abuse it. Not only that, but in highly competitive multiplayer games, players will strive to find an edge over the opponent no matter what. If its a glitch or just thoughtless game design doesnt matter, the end result is the same. Because of this, multiplayer games have to be designed and planned in minute details and then playtested to hell and back to ensure fair and alanced gameplay. Its the responsability of the developer to do this.

Short answer: yes. Youd be surpised how weak console hardware is.

Oh yea and btw, when is BF3 coming out?

AFAIK, Bad Company 2 IS Battlefield 3.