Battlefield 40k - Tau Firewarrior


I am working on a Mod for battlefield2 called Battlefield 40k.
I am Texturing all of the Tau army. Here is my Firewarrior,
its about 95% done. Im not sure how much more time I will
have to work on it. Crits are welcome, though I may or may
not fix it. I am working on the hammerhead now. This is my
first stab at this so I still havent figured out normal maps
yet. Its still up in the air weather I will use them or not.

These images are huge JPGs. Might take a while do download.

Thanks for taking the time.
Ryan Brady


Beautiful UV mapping there! I am jealous =)

Looks great and I don’t blame you about the normal mapping.



Thanks for the comment. Though I am happy with how it turned out I can see a lot of things that I would do differently. Especially with the UV mapping. I didnt do enough Left right duplication. ie, useing the same texture for both arms, both legs, etc. I could have gotten significantly more texture resolution if I had done that better. I am going to do that next time. The chest plate is the only one that I would not mirror. Gota mix it up a bit.

Dont be shy about critiques everyone.



The model is not bad at all, but I’d like to see a wire to see where all these polys are placed. The arms look too long for me but I don’t know exactly which creature you are trying to reproduce.
The texture could be improved a lot adding more details because right now it is a little bit plane,specially for a 1024x1024.
Looking forward for an update.


welcome. Model for me looking good, maybe some character artist will fing more bugs. Anyway, In Your place I’ll give more attention to details. Liek metal part could have more scratches, maybe some pore metal on edges. Some darker places after smoke couse he is fire warrior, right?? I think the specular map is to grey or You don;t have a light in the scene couse the on the character spec is almost unvisible. I like the idea of armor and his face, looks really cool. Maybe some weapon will give him a bit atractivness. Also I think his legs are a bit too short, but i could wrong. And if You can post also wireframe on flat texture.
Take care.


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