Battle Troll, Jezzarts (2D)


Title: Battle Troll
Name: Jezzarts
Country: Uk
Software: Painter

I coloured this guy this weekend, he took about 3-4 hours using painter 8 and a wacom tablet. Thanks


the colors are great, but the facial features could have some bolder outlining so it would go with the rest of the outlining


Careful with the main outline, it’s too bold and distracts the eye. I like it though!


Cool Troll. I like his expression.


hey nice Troll !!!":thumbsup:


he seems to be angry :D… anyway nice work man


I love him! Especially the look on his face, he seems extremely ticked off, as if he has had a bad day. :slight_smile:


Nice, especialy face/expression are very good.
But strong outline and white background make him look cut out.
Given the present shadows, I think there should also shadows to the right of his belly and the right arm (our right, his left)


Very nice! Just one thing though: To me he looks a bit out of balance… He seems to be tipping backwards… And you rarely see anyone having their body weight distributed evenly on both legs. Try to bend one of the legs a bit, en move his hips a bit towards the straigt leg. That will give him a more realistik pose… But again, very nice picture!


Thanks everyone, I need to take more care with my sketching before I colour anything. I’m definately going to rework this guy till he looks ok, then start from scratch on another similar troll taking everyones advise into account, come on imagination… :slight_smile:


Perfect character, nice artwork:)


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