Battle Royal, Reynan Sanchez (2D)


Title: Battle Royal
Name: Reynan Sanchez
Country: Philippines
Software: Photoshop

Battle Royal

n. pl. battles royal

  1. An intense altercation
  2. A battle involving many combatants.
  3. A fight to the finish.

The description above says it all, straight out of the dictionary.

And one more thing, some parts of the images (like the smoke) are actually a bit influenced by Chinese Manhua’s, So if you’re familiar with those great comic books - you might have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Thanks for viewing and hope you like it!:slight_smile:


Really interesting piece and style! Great work!


That is masterpiece. Wonderful technique ,great job :thumbsup:


so amazing I love it


WOW! This is another masterpiece Award deserved! You are amazing! Love everything in this pic! Cheers mate!


ooops.its so nice man,LoVely work.all thinGs are AMaZing


Awesome work Reynan, I love it! :applause:


OH! I like the color piece in the picture!! :bowdown:


wow,fantastic,reall a great work,I like it very much


this is fantastic. i love the color scheme…:).


Beautiful composition and colors!!


such a lovely piece of work!



This is totally awesome, a great masterpiece!! :bowdown:


Solid and above all stylish as always.


I love this! think I may try and copy a bit of this style, cos it kinda reminds me of some of my work… only much, much better.


Excellent artwork!


really, really great image.


man, i seriously love everything you do!


WOW ! This is just perfect. :drool: Congrats !


Your style is incredible. I love your use of colour and composition. Your ideas are just out of this world - very inspiring.