Battle over Kamino - The Tie Dal Wave, Kurt Miller (3D)


Title: Battle over Kamino - The Tie Dal Wave

Name: Kurt Miller

Country: USA

Software: Photoshop Bryce 3ds max

Submitted: 30th October 2015

Battle on the ocean planet of Kamino. Kamino is a fictional ocean planet, in the fictional Star Wars universe. It was here that the Army of the Republic was generated


Nice illustration. One minor critique; I think the illustration would have looked really great in a slightly wider, more cinematic ratio. But otherwise, really nice!

Oh and I love your portfolio of maps :slight_smile:



As said a really nice illustration indeed!

My minor crit would be that the laser direction does not line up to the direction of the Tie-Fighter. The lasers are going down and right compared to the direction of the Tie Fighter.

An easy way to fix this is to make a quick composition in a 3Dapp before you start to do the actual illustration, just to get the perspective directions right.

Other than that, splendid work.

Cobra 6


Looks amazing. I am agree with everlite about the image format.



very cool waves!


Looks great, I love SW art, but as mentioned it should be a wider shot as there is a lot crammed into the frame and I agree about the angle of the laser fire.

I do like the semi submerged camera aspect though, that’s a nice touch.