Hello everyone

I did the model two years ago when I still in the school.

This few weeks I have some free time after work, so I decide to make a short animation for fun, also I have chance to improve animation skill.

The model was done in xsi, and rigging with maya.

by the way i am not a good dancer, so maybe someone could tell me anything worng with the dance!

Hope you enjoying it.

[size=3]Please feel free to give me any opinions thank you! [/size]

right click to save as


:applause: Bwaaahaaahaa! That is great! I literally just busted up laughing!

5 Stars.


Really good, great job and funny! I like the detail about the recording video cam


heh heh, that’s pretty funny. :slight_smile:


Hello guys

thank for the commands,
if you feel like to laugh, than i think i achieve my goal.

if i have more time i would like to make it longer!


:applause: hahaha …its funny by the way who’s song is this, i mean “the band”. any way good work


i see someones been reading softimage and maya books :slight_smile: (there are some in the background) hehe cool, nice job!


That was awesome! Too bad it wasn’t longer =)


Yahya Ehsan

i think the bend is call “O-Zone”
and the song is call “Dragostea_Din_Tei”
hope this infomation is enough for you


i found XSI is quite different with Maya. so When I was rigging this character i can not really apply the way i use to be in XSI.


when i have more free time ,i really really want to make it longer.

thanks to the guys give me command, this is always encourage me to make more fun animation.

sorry about poor english


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