Battle Angel, Tariq Raheem (2D)


Title: Battle Angel
Name: Tariq Raheem
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Painter, Photoshop

“Battle Angel” was first envisioned to be a pastel painting that was eventually scanned and sat in my hard drive for over two years. I stumbled onto it in 2001 and decided to work on it digitally. I used metal and some tile and wall textures on the armour. i used a photo ref for the face. Not a cut and paste job , I actually painted the face on Painter and added highlights on photoshop. I would like some critique on the armour and the metal texture. Thank you and feel free to comment on any other aspect of the pic as well.
Thanks Again !

  • Nice work. I really like the metal.
  • Is the background a painting as well? Or is it a blurry picture?


I like dirty robot girls. The medal textures look great. I like the mood of this image as well. The only crit would be maybe to much rust. Its cool that you didn’t add a gun or some type of confirming background. I like guessing what this chick does. Good work.


Beautiful work! I love the Depth of Field. The tech design is sweet. I think if you toned down the dirt and grime, she/it would really stand out more from the background and have a nice balance of cools and warms. I feel it’s a little overpowering and takes away from her sensuality that is there. You might want to check out master Illustrator, Hajime Sorayama’s female robots. I’ve admired his work for over 12 years and his chrome is absolutely amazing. Just my 2 cents.


Great interpritation!

I loved the manga. hated the movie.

no crit here!


I Bought that issue just forthe cover!


nice work tarek
and good like :thumbsup:


I absolutely love it fo rmany reasons…

   1. Not your standard pose relaxed and exspressive.
   2. The Metal looks gorgeous a) because its not all shiny !! It has some wear maybe some rust i think it looks absolutely awesome. b) not to techno heavy very subtle but nice for the gears and stuff with only a few lights for highlighting areas and subtle looks ..
   3. Its just all around Awesome IMOP...I like it ...I like ti alot...
   4. May i use it as a desktop image?

                LordEzzat :buttrock:


Hi Tariq. I’ve got the old version on my HD. I like the way you redid the metal adding details. The face in the oryginal was softly lighten though. The new version seems a bit cold.


Holy Crud! That is awesome work!!!


Wow! Amazing work!

I like the metal: seems to be dirt and old. I like the melt between the very sexy first feeling and the shock when you realise that it’s a robot.



Have you posted this on or before. I know I’ve seen this before … can’t figure out where. Anyhoo …

Nice concept but I feel the rusted and dirty spots on the metal are applied to randomly. Take a look at reference materials of endustrial equipment (mainly used outside) and you’ll see dirt and worn spots generally concentrate around edges and joints. Some surface imperfections may occur on larger panel areas, but after heavy usage the wear and tear is more obvious in areas mentioned above.


“UVA VON SHARMAN!!!” [size=1]what a great piece. The armor and metal are fantastic. The pose is natural - terrific. The face is fabulous though I’m not clear with the seaming on her skin unless, is she supposed to have been Frankensteined together?[/size]

Great job Tariq


Lovely image. The armour looks great. Did you simply paste it in and then dodge/burn it, or did you also use the liquify feature to “wrap” it around the arm and leg sections?

Cute face, too. Reminds of some actress that I can’t remember the name of.



Holy Hannah! That is one heck of a well done job, the metal is just incredible for being painted.:scream:


Lose the little cell phone mouthpiece. Makes the armor looks soo “year 2000”. hehe. I feel it would be intergrated into the suit better for the technology level.


Apparently no one’s seen this on the cover of Heavy Metal?

That’s where I saw it first, and I recall picking up the issue, and staring at it for damn near 15 uninterrupted minutes. Well done man, really.

I do agree about the rust though. It appears that the texture was somewhat…I don’t know exactly. It’s a little too intense, and in some areas (knee, ribcage, elbow) it’s a little too intense. Im my (admittedly brief) experience in using texture overlays on images, I try to dillute the effect somewhat, just because in some cases it can appear to be too much of a juxtaposition from the linework, or overall realism (or lack thereof) of a given image.

Nontheless, I think this is fantastic. Keep up the great work.


Extraordinary! You use the canvas very well.


Very nice clean image but as you requested, some ‘nasty’ crit :

  • Wrong type of metal. No way would this warrior be made of iron. To heavy and as it appears, too corrosive. Solution: find another texture or make your own

  • As stated before, corrosion is in wrong areas. Should be where joins are and a fee oil stains would be nice. Solution: Add rust and stains at joints

  • There is no overall sense that the armour has been in a battle. No bullet\laser holes or what ever and no missing panels. Solution: add war damage

  • The rust texture you used over laps onto other components of the body i.e. the brown rust halfway up ‘her’ thigh continues over onto her calf. This would only happen if she was in storage in that pose fore many years. Solution: when applying textures, mix it up a bit

Don’t take this crit as anything bad, it just that I ASSuME that you wanted some picky critique. :thumbsup:

My overall impression of the picture was that it had a great sense of realism and good composition ( ) 4 Stars

Well done!


great stuff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: