Batsuit Leaked!


Check it out!



[sarcasm mode on]
Oh my god that’s such a leak.

It’s soo different from all other batman suits.
[/sarcasm mode off]

Sorry but batman is getting old for me, it’s the same thing over and over… Just like James Bond and the like…

My 2 Cents:shrug:


I hope thats not the final version. It looks kind of dull and the mask ears look like some kiddie batman suit. I’m hoping against all odds that this one is great. You can’t have the best superhero ever stuck with a bunch of crappy movies.


Its much better. No cod piece or chrome nipples.

I dig it.


I like it.

And to be fair, the suit is not supposed to be seen on a bright white
background. Thank god it is way better than the horrible dominatrix costume they made for catwoman.



it reminds me of the first batsuit, with the steel abs thing going.

i agree with robertorbitz that its much better than the catsuit


not better than the Pheifer Catsuit


man that suit sucks. Why couldn’t they stick to a lighter version. Batman is suppose to be a master of martial arts… he couldn’t kick soccerball in that suit let alone fly around gotham on a rope.


I think that they should have gone with something like they had in the Batman: Dead End video… Honestly, they managed to make the tights look so incredibly spiffy…


I like the ultraman costume better. :smiley:


I’m not a Batman fan, but I don’t like it. They could make it better.


You can’t seriouslly not want to see batman in a dominatrix costume? That would probally make my entire week, I dont think I could stop laughing for at least that long.

OMG You just gave me the best idea for a painting :smiley: thank you!!!


I like the look of the suit, it has lost all of the stupid qualities that they put into it in the last few crappy movies…and honestly the cat woman suit is hot but very, very stupid…man what were they thinking with making that movie…


I agree, I was hoping for something more Year One, or The Dark Night Returns sort of thing, grey with a black crest, something mesh, but at least it’s not the Tim Burton suit with that crazy thick neck. Hope that’s not the final suit…


“In other news, Batman discovered something unsettling today as he waded the sewers of Gotham city…”


looks pretty sweet for the look that the movie is going for. It matchs the BatMobile that was leaked a while ago. It seems the art team is keeping with a theme, unlike that clowny(clooney?!)-batman movie.


i can’t honestly understand how people actually want batman to be running around in grey and black spandex like that horribly overrated dead end short (come on… it’s fine for a fan short… but if they really made a movie like that it would get laughed out of the theaters. and aliens and predators? please.)… you’d have to have a guy who’s a damn body builder to even be able to fill out the suit… and there are very few actors in hollywood that are that big… and i’m sure most if not all of them don’t have the acting chops that christian bale has… and it would look utterly rediculous to have a guy in a movie running around in such a costume.
also, this costume is much more agile than the previous ones… remember in the other movies batman couldn’t even turn his head… he can with this suit… it’s made partly out of the material the spider-man costume is made of, and partly out of foam latex, which is what the previous batman costumes were made of. this time around, however, batman will actually be able to move and not look stiff as a board all the time.

with that said, there are some things i don’t like about it. i don’t like how hard it is to see the symbol… you can see it ok in this picture, but in the dark lighting from the movie it will be hard to see… and i don’t like those clasps that hold the cape on or how thick the neck is… but other than that i think it’s great… and despite it’s problems it’s still a million times better than any of the previous movie suits.


Well, here is a crazy concept… Batman is just a normal guy so he needs a thick bullet proof suit to give him his strength. Do you really think that he would have lived so long in a pair of tights? Bad guys use bullets, no harsh lanuage… and tights are for dancers, not super heros.


Holy run on sentences batman I mean blackjesus. (Sorry couldn’t resist :smiley: )


Didn’t the hype for Cat Woman all start with a ‘suit leak’ as well? And didn’t Cat Woman turn out to royally suck (no pun intended)?

A bit a of foreshadowing (or is is deja vu?) here? I think so!