Batmobile Spy Pic


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To me, it looks like crap.


it does look stupid just sitting out there in a field like that… but within the context of the movie it’s going to be badass. (i read the script)


it has a mad max feel to it.


this looks like batmobile after entering “pimp my ride”


Ever since Batman I and II, its all gone to hell. Sorry, those two are the only ones that count, that includes the orginal batmobile/batwing and batsuit. Everything since then has been stupid rehashed techno garbage…


One and two are now classics … The rest are indeed becoming a joke.:scream:


what’s the yellow cylinder in its behind? Butt plug?


Reminds me a bit of the Delorian in Back to the Future… 1/10th of a second after the initial impact of that train.


well, it’s not really fair to compare this to the previous films because this is a complete restart of the series and has absolutely nothing to do with any of those movies… even though some news agencies are erroneously calling it a “prequel”, don’t let that fool you. it’s not a prequel, it’s not a sequel. it’s the start of a completely new and seperate series of movies with an entirely new creative team.

this batmobile looks weird out of context (it’s not really even a batmobile, so to speak… that’s why it does’t look like one), but trust me, it fits perfectly with the movie.

you’ll see come next june.


that is not the new batmobile is it? i hope not…

i agree. batman 1 and 2 were awful. and catwoman…oh my god…evertyhing just looks…well…good enough for god to come down and burn us to ashes just for our ignorance. spiderman was done good in both movies, the hulk (while i question some parts of the movie) was done nicely, and while i have yet to see the punsher i heard it was good (from a die-hard fan of the origonal comic). but batman…well, its just gotten worse over the years.


The car from the league of the extraodinairy gentle men is way much better then that mad max garbage. I mean… where robin gonna sit ? I miss the old days… ahh the 1960’s


I honestly love the retro Batmobile. It looks really stunning.


sorry man, no robin in this one…


I think this has already come up in a thread, everyone dissin on the batmobile without even having any knowledge of why it looks like that. The story is an alternate take on batman in his early years. The movie is going to show how batman was trained to be a badass detective and martial artist. The batmobile looks like that because it was originally a concept wayne enterprises made, and wayne now becoming batman took the design and started using it for his first batmobile. this movie will be amazing, david goyer knows his stuff about comic books and hes written so many scripts for comic book movies, and the director(forgot his name, he did memento) i belive will make this movie a more realistic take on batman. Whereas tim burtons was pretty cheesy, i did enjoy it, but defintely didnt show what how batman really should have been portrayed(if you are a comic batman fan, then you should know). and every actor in this movie is amazing. id liked to be proven otherwise. Every actor in this movie has had amazing roles and done so well in them. no cheesy, jim carrey, arnold, or that one guy(who played robin).


I expect that it is marked to make it easy to add in CG flames during post proc.

Actually now that I can see it to scale against people it looks much cooler than the early production photos I saw.


IMO, i like the new batmobile, its got a certain beauty to its extreme repulsivness! (looks mean as hell though! )


definetely has the look of something that would come from frank miller


I’d take this over that joke of a car in the previous films any day. The former car definitley had a small bit of a cool factor at the time but it was way too long, the jet exhaust was way over the top and I’m still perplexed of how they could ever allow those ridiculous rear wings to go flapping around in several of the shots.

Not sure what era you grew up in but I’m ready to see the true down and dirty vigilante batman in a gritty Gotham, not the over the top, cheeseball summer fluff of ALL the previous films.


To the people who know what they are taking about, as in have read up on on this new movie, I heard somewhere that the new batmobile can actually do EVERYthing that it is supposed to and it won’t have and over whelmingly large amount of special effects done to it. What I am refering too is that I heard it can jump in the air or somthing like that among other things? It might have just been over stipulation but please fill me in if you can.