BATMAN Trailer and website goes live!


I LOVE the teaser , the mood is dark and the cinematography is gorgeous!


I pee’d alittle. :thumbsup:


I’m sure this is gonna be spectacular! :thumbsup:


I hope there’s “something” more to the dialogue than “something”.


I agree wholeheartedly. :thumbsup: The night shots of the batmobile make it look so much cooler than I had expected after seeing the leaked pics.


Kickass. Looks like a banger.


aw man! I just realised it is coming out in summer 2005!

I hate the wait :frowning:





wow…man looks like we mgiht have a kickass batman movie coming our way… here is hopin.


Oh crap.

Not excellent :frowning:

Start having fun people - only then can we alter the passage of time. (Or my cliché book is full of nothing but lies)


thanks for the link.


These pants have been crapped. and my spine chilled.


This one looks like it could even surpass the first Tim Burton Batman (by far the best film adaptation) IMHO. I can’t wait to see more More MORE!


So, we´ll have a SERIOUS Batman film - that´s a pleasant surprise. :thumbsup:


Whats the name of Batman’s actor… he was the one in Equilibrium too it think…


That would be Christian Bale.


Christian Bale I think. The film looks quite promising, especially the way they focused on the young Bruce Wayne.

Summer 2005 is a loooong way away though.


OO the guy from american pshyco and equilibrum cant wait!
theres a small easter egg on the webpage if u click on the bat ears and around the logo, pictures from the film pops up. Kinda cool huh?
I know GEEK alert!


I think it looks kind of lame. I don’t mean to be a Batman hater, but I liked the animated series much better, style and mood wise. They’ve already covered the Batman origin at the movies.

Batman is fast becoming Peter Pan. How many ways can you tell the same story, year after year?


Or you could simply click the link that says “photos” cough :wink: