Batman Statue, Stanislav Klabik (3D)


Title: Batman Statue
Name: Stanislav Klabik
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi, Batman is my latest personal work, the goal was to make head only, but i decided to make whole body. My last character was totally antihero named Lobo, so now I decided to make true hero:). I´ve tried to do some different model presentation with simple scene, so here is his statue as a 3d print of my sculpt, but without the cloak, because cloak will cover whole back and shoulders and this is mainly model presentation so here is my sorry to all Batman fans here:) Base meshes done in 3dsmax, sculpting in Mudbox, render done in Vray, the books and the furniture in background are evermotion.

Mudbox screens


Hope you like it.


Amazing Job Stan, Top Row :thumbsup:


impressive work, gratz! :thumbsup:


yes. incredibile work. 5 stars


Incredible, very good work and very impressive. 5*


great modeling and lighting. my only complaint is that book in front of the statue. the spine on it looks weird and it seems like its a really small book to have a big spine like that.


beautiful, nice to see it finished


Great work. Composition is really nice. You really did a good job of matching the lighting.


Rediculous modeling!.. Congradulations:scream:


really amazing!!:thumbsup:

nice work!


amazing stuff you got there


Nice work I like this statue :thumbsup:


Great man- I love I just love it. Yhis is how should look real batman


I am, of course, impressed by the modeling, but the environnement is incredible. It is ultra realistic, perfectly photorealistic.

Good work, congratulations !


Thanks for comments, I am glad you like it:)

tiberiandusk-yeah, you are right, book si really small like personal diary.


Absolutely beautifully well done my friend. Love the presentation to! I was sold on it being a 3d print (tricked me), you pulled it off so well. Fantastic model, exaggeration of proportion and form is awesome. Cheers to progression.

-Anwar Bey-Taylor


That’s one buff “monkey”! Love the details you put in. Especially the small folds on the clothing to show he’s actually wearing a suit. Lovely renders too! 5 stars from me.


Great anatomical detail. Super!


good job, i loved the modeling!!


whoah, excellent work. great muscles on him, even if they’re a bit exaggerated. i was sure the background was a photo composite until i saw the wire! great job.