Batman, Rick Thiele "zy" (3D)


snazzy…great work:thumbsup:


very nice work. the mask shader is great. i dont’ think anyone’s said this, but i think the skin shader could be tweaked a very tiny bit. i’m assuming you’re using sss to get the look you have . i think it’s a tiny bit too much. i see a lot of people going to heck with sss because it’s new and cool. the main part that looks funny to me is the nose, and a little on the lips. slightly too gummy. but it’s a very nice peice! :applause:


wov that looks nice.

I love the shader but maby a tiny bit to much sss. Did you render it with mentalray?

What kind of sss node did you use? i would love to se your shader network :slight_smile:


Hey guys!!

wow!!!.. thank you SO so much!!! =))))
im so glad u liked it =)

lucifer x: yah sure!!!.. =) , i really love alex ross´s work… and he was great reference when creating this scene! =D

bout the eyes, its really a mix between batmans… i tried to give it a white eye lens look but still keep the human eye appearing a bit =)

mmProj: rofll!!!

i agree about the composition =)),
its just that i wanted to give him as much emphasis as the logo on the sky, there might be a better way… but i dunno… =D

heres a shaded version (in an ortographic view so, no perspective) and a wire:

thanks again everyone!!!


very very nice work.congratulate!!:thumbsup:
Do you used SSS shader on the mask and the skin?:rolleyes:


That’s Fantastico!


This is one of the coolest batman Ive ever seen in 3D.
Can star in a full length movie for sure…:love:



just saw the new posts…
sorry for the double posting,

Johnweedee: i totally agree with you =D… it was kind of intensional to give him a more waxy look even though its night and SSS doesnt even appear at night =)), i wanted his skin to have a reddish tone on the transition from light to shadow and show the awesome incandescence inside the skin when the lights are really strong. Something more… fantasious(does this word even exist? =P )
i totally agree that some people use it way too much, makes the whole effect a bit oversaturated cause everyones using it.

Osaires: yeah mental ray render =), i used the awesome md_subscatter addon for xsi
here are both render trees, the mask part… and the face part materials =)

thanks!! =))))))

#49 favorite hero.thats perfect,from lightng to textres. :applause:

but dont you think it will be better to do some texture for the eyes?

and i’m working on my own batman ,for a while :thumbsup:


Now that is what I am talking about, Batman should look tough and menacing, not those stupid Batman’s from the movies like 3 (Val Kilmer) and 4 (Clooney). This looks like the Keaton Batman and that’s a good thing. Really impressive work, only problem is the eye looks too zombie/dead looking, needs some work, but it’s only a minor problem :slight_smile:


you did a great job ide like to see your wires to if i could please


Awesome work… I love the quality of the mask and skin… great angle by the way :thumbsup:


Belo trabalho! :wink:

Sem palavras… e o melhor…brasileiro! hhehe :thumbsup:


Belo trabalho cara…muito bom mesmo!
Parabens! :thumbsup:
Dale Brasil!!!


really nice work.
Impresive one :buttrock:

Best Regards


very nice! can we see some wires please???



thanks!!! =)))

kmest, Nerissa: hey! With the eyes i tried do a mix between batmans, in some comics he has a completly white eye and and others (like alex ross’s) he has human eyes, mine has like a white contact lens but still showing a bit of his “human” eyes underneath =)

Tidus_44, dafonz: hey, i posted the wires on my other post, ill post them here in img format if its not a problem =)

oh and i was so excited i completly forgot to say THANKS SO MUCH CGTALK CREW for putting my work on the front page!!! =D



:applause: It’s on my desktop today. The bottom lip looks too large from the the front view but in the perspective it looks perfect! :thumbsup:


:applause: Você merece este edstaque!!! Very good!!! Congratulations!!!:love:


great work Rick !!!:thumbsup: (mando bem)