Batman, Rick Thiele "zy" (3D)


amazing work,…I LOVE IT :love: …i cant say anything bad…great “ruber like” model


you should send this off to warner bros or something, all hollywood seems to do is change the batman actors but it doesnt make sense cause they’re suits are too whack. Val Kilmers lips look too dodgy in the suit…george clooney is too much of a goody 2 shoes to play batman, the best one out of all of them was probably Michael Keaton even though he quitted after the 2nd one. If this suit was on Michael Keaton it’d pay cause you got the right actor and the right suite. So ya its definitely an amazing product of style.


Who would have guessed Batman would have time to pluck his nostril hairs! :shrug:

Haha, I think this is great. Kudos to you :thumbsup:


Very nice, I especially love the texture of the mask and the shadow above the chin.



As i said before, excelent work with the lights!

Great concept and shaders…, amazing!

Congrats again!

Fala Zy, a única coisa que eu não gostei é que BraSil se escreve com S!!! (hehehe)



dammit is this cool.


great composition, love the lighting . Def the skin shader… keep it up


very very cool! “Revolutionizing Batman one image at a time”

PS: you must have had a lot of free time at work! ::wink::


WOW, ummm… settings, wires! :slight_smile:

That mask looks amazing, and all the wringles and bores, modelled? Id really liike to see your wire.


Zytrox,essa composição ficou muito bonita, as ranhuras na máscara deram um plus na imagem.
Não me canso de ver esse Batman. Parebéns pela matravilhosa imagem.



nice work man~!!
great texture skill and the skin shader is so nice…:thumbsup:






I want to see the whole thing! Then I want to see Animation! Your a tease! Great work…


Hy Zy!
Amazing work!!!
Do you have a free time???

Parabéns meu caro! Ainda mais pelo deestaque na primeira página!



Ae Zytrox,

Parabéns pelo destaque, e pela composição, pq mereceu, ficou muito linda a imagem, essas ranhuras na máscara deu um plus na arte.



Great mood, lighting and shader! Congratulations for the great work!


i’m always viewing art and being like “Wow, that’s great stuff”

it’s about time I tell everyone. I’m loving this batman piece for the sake of those nostrils, lips, and even the brow muscle. Nice texturing :slight_smile: and great colors


hey zy!!!
awesome work!!!i luv the skin and the mask shaders, absolutly nuts

see ya


Agree with Bestrin about the composition problem, but everything else is awesome! Excellent models on your site also. Really nice modeling, textures, and lighting.