Batman, Rick Thiele "zy" (3D)


Title: Batman
Name: Rick Thiele “zy”
Country: Sp, Brazil
Software: Softimage|xsi 3.5, Photoshop

Made this batman on my free-time at work =)
He´s kind of a mix between lots of batmans, tried to do a more stylized version of my own :slight_smile:
The background is a manipulated photo.

anyway… C&C welcome! =)

bigger versions:


I love his perfect work!
I think this version is much stylized .the feeling of skin and light is so wonderful!


nice !! :twisted:



looks good…is lighting alex ross inspired? :smiley:


Zytrox kicks ass , I love this style .



Ooo. I like it, nice subtle texturing on the cowl.



eye (iris) is bit too bright, except that i like it :slight_smile:


His left eyes bothers me bit, maybe its too reflective? Besides that it is a beautiful image, especially the lighting. :slight_smile:


I like the lighting and his facial expression. Great work!


Great job on the skin. He looks a bit like ahnold. I like the “alex ross” lighting.


I like his eyes. It’s kind of like you were going for a cross between the eyeless batman of the comics and Batman:TAS and the eyes under the mask of the movies and the 60’s tv show.


This is an all-around excellent piece of work. Great lighting, textures, and composition. Yeah, the eyes are a little weird looking, but not to the point that they distract or take away from the picture.


:applause: Impressive…


very nice piece. Especially the lighting and shading. the modeling is very nice dont get me wrong but its the lighting and shading that brings this piece to life. Only crit woul be that the face is to small and improminent in the scene. Such beaughtiful work should have more focus on it instead of the visible face taking up not even a quarter of the image.


fantastic face and textures!


:bounce: hey Zytrox i really like ur BATman, u gave it a unique style of ur own and the skin shader and the uump expression is kinda AWESOME.

i give 100 out of 100 really a perfect 3d image with nice looking background.

GOOD WORK.keep it up|:thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:



I like your style
perfect character :buttrock:


i see nothing to crit, really awesome textures…and perfect lighting


I like the skin aspect and the model expression .Great work:thumbsup:



Issuuaeee zyy !! parabens! d+++