Batman Desertstorm, Faraz Mobin (3D)


Impressive work. :slight_smile:


tats one hell out of good model! how do u sculpt hard surface so nicely?


it’s great model


Nothing to crit, man, absolutely stunning, well done. I like the body proportions, and gesture especially.


Absolutely fantastic.
congrats for the frontpage plugg !!


brilliant work…


Very Nice!


very nice man, congrats on the plug!! :scream:


Great work man!!!
U deserve No.1 in 3d comicon Challenge also.:beer:


jest amazing no comment

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Brilliant work without a doubt, congratulations.


looks great


From the point of view of function: Camo or No Camo it wouldn’t make much difference seeing as Batman only opperates at night time and he’s still got the black cloak here so its no difference anyway.

That said, the model is ****ing awsome and i love everything about your design.


This would make a great 3D Print model .
It woudl look awesome on everyone’s desk!!! Top of the line work here.


wow, great.

Thanks for sharing, nice video as well.

That could be used on a real commercial game immediately, I believe it would be very welcome by batman game fans.

Congratulations, cya


Fantastic job modeling wise. I like the detail, but…it’s a little too much for Batman. He never had that heavy of a suit. It almost resembles a kind of heavy duty space marine. Great work nonetheless. Congrats!!


Really nice stuff, i’d just like to see him in more of an action pose myself. Great job!!!


Nice sculpt,proportions are well maintained,good work :beer:


looks great! nice details :slight_smile: congrats.


Same as I said on ZBC, fantastic work bro.