Batman Desertstorm, Faraz Mobin (3D)


Title: Batman Desertstorm
Name: Faraz Mobin
Country: United Arab Emirates
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

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hello everyone.
just wanted to share my comicon entry with you guys, had a blast doing it,many great entries,

i used 3dsmax for somepart of the belt ,cape and for the lowpoly, textures were done in photoshop…rest all is sculpted in Zbrush 3.1,hope you guys like it. thanx for watching. mentalray was used for ao map.



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Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


Really nice model!
Proportions are awesome. Maybe just the boots that are a bit too big but really nice work!


Wow, thats awesomefab :slight_smile:


Pretty stunning work, front page stuff. Congrats!


really cool done :thumbsup:


This is really nice, you could totally see that in the movie as the heavy suit


looks fantastic, good job :wink:


amazing detailed work


Mighty fine work, I hope I’m as good as you some day.


This is amazing work!

I assume the pixellation of the camo texture is based on current camo tech yeah? I think I remember it looking like that (was too busy looking at the Transformers in the last movie I saw with camo in it :wink: )


excellent stuff. well done.


Sexy outfit :smiley:

  • Ty


Sweet Work!! :smiley:


kick A$$! :bounce:


Great model!


Superb… ****


Great stuff…How did you manage to sculpt hard surface details so fine in zbrush???


Great stuff. This is probably the best 3D batman model I have ever seen, & I have seen alot.