BATMAN: Arkham Knight


Blur did it. :slight_smile:


Bad ass Batmobile.
Wanna see it transform :stuck_out_tongue:


This is of course Blur’s work, however I wonder why the lighting feels like our stuff. We’ve not really even done such a setting - night time in a city - except maybe the last few shots of Watch Dogs…

Very very nice work by Blur though, congratulations!


Don’t dwell on that too much. It’s just “Fan Feelings”… It happens. Like how people read a comic book that’s new and says “hmmm… feels like Marvel” or they think something is “very DC”.

There was a time, around 2006 that I felt I could tell Digic from Blur’s work because the art styles were usually a bit different (circa: “Warhammer: Mark of Chaos” trailer). I thought Digic was the only one that could do something at “that level”.

But I think the last few years, it’s been nearly impossible to tell the top CG trailer houses apart.

Wondering if maybe Digic and Blur are pirating each others’ people. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I might be wrong, but Bruce Wayne’s head (which looks a bit odd in places) could be a live action actor with head composited?

Just like in the Dead Space 3 teaser?


And maybe… that’s why his head looks weird some of the time?


I worked at Blur for a few years and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I still don’t do better than 50/50 at telling Blur’s stuff from Digic’s (assuming I don’t cheat and look at my Facebook feed first).

Often the things that people perceive as the “house style” or trademarks of a particular studio are really just reflections of the tastes of their bigger clients (e.g. Assasin’s Creed for Digic, or the Marvel and DC universe properties for Blur). Plus each animation or lighting lead has their own preference for how things should look. There are just too many variables that affect the look of a cinematic, right down to price and deadline.


I thought that it is common knowledge that you should scale down head if you watch human from lower angle. Lots of Renaissance sculptures that are supposed to be seen from lower angle have smaller heads and overall proportion is altered to match proper viewing angle. Same goes for paintings. This way it looks like nobody have a clue. Overall it doesn’t feel Digic because Digic has more cinematic look.


That’s true. I was just looking through Blur’s Catalogue and the variety across their work, the good and not-so-great, really looks like it would have been the work of a different “house”.

Like I said… the point in time that you thought you could tell them apart is over.


Yup you iz correct. What can I say, women confuse me :slight_smile:


Harley can confuse me anytime she want… Eh, we all have issue :bounce:


Yeah… that ain’t Ivy… Ivy is a gorgeous red-head with that leaf-themed swimsuit and she drives men mad with her drugs and her kiss of death while tying you up with vines - woof woof! :twisted:

She shouldn’t be in this trailer cause she’s “overpowering”. hehehe…

Seriously though, in the comics they like to use Ivy as “One of the characters who can beat Superman” by “sort of seducing him”.

It’s honestly kinda… weird… but no doubt those are the times that setup awesome Batman/Superman confrontations (see: HUSH).


She’s actually developed a bit over the series. In the first game she comes at Batman with a flurry of fancy acrobatics to which he smacks her once and throws her in a cage. Then she goes crazy (well more crazy) in that DLC and becomes like a little Joker.

Maybe they are setting her up to be the lead dog this time. Me thinks no but it would be cool.


Scarecrow is the lead villain in Arkham Knight.


What if you’re shooting a photo?


You can change the lens.


I wonder why the lighting feels like our stuff

It was the very first shots, with the city and the kid being dragged by that guy that made me think of digic.
It’s got the typical mid day sun burn heavy contrast look that i’ve seen in many of your trailers.


Strange… I admit our director has a preference for the strong sun lighting you mention - but in the Batman cinematic, it’s always nighttime, and the kid is lit by a floodlight from a helicopter instead.


Can’t you do that in CG?


Every form of cheat is valid as long as it looks good, not sure what are you trying to prove here though.


You are correct, in context, but in-frame the entire frame was bright, including elements deeper in the frame and into the horizon, so it looked like a summer’s day.

But that’s just detail.