BATMAN: Arkham Knight



The. Best. Game. Trailer. Ever.

This is really like… Wow… Parts of it actually exceed the action set pieces in some of the Nolan Batman films - particularly how an emotional stake is driven into the action bits and all the symbolism and irony elements.

Just incredible work.

Probably Blur or Digic… but these days I can’t tell anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, that was awesome. Don’t really like the design of the Batmobile, looks like some weird fanboy design, but the quality of everything was great.


Agreed on the Batmobile… particularly the middle/cockpit section is too high… if it was lower in proportion (think: Audi R10 or Audi R18)… yeah.

But otherwise very good. And even works as something like a “TV series teaser”… I mean… I wish they could make a Batman show that looked like this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Assassin’s Creed Revelations


Great trailer bro. Thanks for the post :buttrock:


You mean the one with the capture and threat of being hanged?

Well that one was also pretty good. But I’m a bigger fan of context and “character exchanges”, so as far as AC trailers go, my favorite is still the one for AC 2 (The Masquerade Ball trailer).

What I like about this Batman trailer in particular is not just the Thomas Wayne narration and how it links up to images, but also the presentation of characters like Penguin, Two-Face… implying that there’s more going on in the “fight for Gotham” than what we are shown in the trailer.

The other thing particularly strong is the editing. If you compare this one for example to the recent one for Elder Scrolls Online… This Batman Trailer is more “Classical Hollywood” editing.

You have wide shots, and cuts to opposite POV’s are done “in-motion”. A particularly good example is when Two-Face is shooting his rifle… hears a sound… then he starts to look as if toward camera and it cuts… then he continues looking but it’s opposite POV already.

Same thing when Penguin passes on the rifle to Two-Face. This is classic technique. I’m sure these are probably also used in other trailers, but like some pointed out, other shorts and trailers have gotten lost with the shaky-camera FX, and the edit is more showy and upstaged. But that’s not the case here. The real main draw is the narration.

This editing style is meant to go unnoticed.

Left and Right blocking also very strong in this edit. Bad guys on Left side try to throw molotovs to Right Side… Batman comes out of right side to hit Bad guy with the Molotov… And then on the spin Batman takes Left side of screen… Two-Face gets in the car, exits to Left, Batmobile cockpit is Right Side oriented… and the Batmobile moves from Right to Left.

Very easy to follow even if the fighting was very brief.

There’s other nice touches like the slow camera pan down over the Batmobile and Batman is able to enter as if from Frame Bottom to “rise” to get to the Batmobile as the tone of the trailer is starting to “rise” as well…

There’s lots of similar editing work… and it is very effortless. Very well done.


Wow, that was awesome. Don’t really like the design of the Batmobile, looks like some weird fanboy design, but the quality of everything was great.

this is one of the best game trailers i have seen so far (2014). i agree with you on the design of the bat mobile, i don’t like the look of it at all. i wonder what the gameplay will be like, might have to just go out and get a ps4 when this drops.


Top quality work. Kudos to everyone involved.

PS. The lighting feels very “Digic” to me…


Excellent trailer. I like that Batmobile, it looks more sharp and aggressive.


Oooooh, Ivy looks kickass :slight_smile:


Why on earth would anyone have a problem with that Batmobile? That was amazing. The whole trailer was amazing.

I too would much prefer a TV series done like this. I would be happy even with just a direct to DVD movie from the DC Universe. I am guessing the cost of even this trailer would greatly prohibit either actually happening.

Ever since E3 2013, game trailers have been blowing me away. I would totally love to watch shows like this rather than just trailers. Some of those city shots looked good enough to be in movies.

That was Ivy? I thought was Harley. I guess I don’t know my Batman lore.


Very good… but what’s with the framing at 1:00 - he looks like a dwarf. I’d like to speak to the person who approved it :slight_smile:


I think they were trying to go with a Wrath of the Lich King (one of the best game trailers ever IMO - ) vibe with the narration.

It doesn’t ‘really’ make sense in that the living will is being spoken to Bruce as though his father knew he would pass away when Bruce was young…but I can certain suspend disbelief for it!

Im not a fan of that Bat mobile design…I think its the lights on it that kind of put me off. But Im glad that they didn’t just rip the Tumbler (even if it is the most amazing Bat mobile design EVER) and went with something unique.

All in all its a freaking awesome piece of work! I loved how the suit looks a little technical.

Now I’m waiting for a Batman Beyond game. How the hell is there no Batman Beyond game?


Hah indeed it looks horrible :slight_smile:

In my book Wrath of Leach King is still unbeatable, this one has some cool shots but far from the best. Particularly I cannot stand that narrator and character animation is IMHO very weak.


Lol, i just noticed that. It actually looks as if they scaled his head.


I thought that that shot was a warped reflection of him?


Looks really good. I wonder now what the in game play will be like. I think I need to hurry up and play the other Arkham games before I even think about this one.


It’s Harley. They changed her face from previous games but the costume is the same.

Finally get to use the Batmobile in game and not just have it sit there as a prop. I’m guessing the game world is going to be much much bigger then to accommodate it. They really added a lot in Arkham Origins. I’m really excited to see what they add to this new one.


Blur did it. :slight_smile:


Bad ass Batmobile.
Wanna see it transform :stuck_out_tongue: