Batman Arkham City Trailer


Amazing, amazing trailer. Amazing facial rig.

Any ideas who worked on this?


cool trailer…nice face animations, a little exaggerated and a bit off sync on the soldier but still nice :thumbsup:


Great shading and rendering :slight_smile:


Digic Pictures?
The lighting, rendering, and facial expressions are awesome.


Blur Studio had the pleasure of doing this cinematic.
Littleberu, glad you liked the facial stuff, worked hard on it. :wink:


You guys freaking blew our minds out guys, thanks for the hard work on this :slight_smile:


NICE… Man i have to say that the videogame industry and their cg cinematics gets me more pumped up than any hollywood movie trailers ive ever seen…


Holy crap. Is this hand animated?


Woah, that really sets a new standard of Cut-scenes and CG Trailers. We were proud of our “Kratos revealed” Mortal Kombat trailer, but this is really something else! Congrats!

Did you guys work on the Mass Effect 3 teaser, too?


Yeah, that Mass Effect 3 teaser is nuts too!


Those faces blew my mind. Incredible trailer! I’m also amazed by how good the rain looked on everything.


how do you guyz do the facial animation?
I rarely seen dynamic face like that :smiley: especially the interrogation scene.


Digic did the Mass Effect 3 trailer.

As for specifics on how we did what we did, I’ll have to get back to you on that. Never really sure how much we can say about these things.


For the first few shots of the guy in the chair, I thought it was live action. Pretty nice work, congrats to Blur!


Yeah that was amazing, best Batman I have ever seen.


Although I was constantly expecting Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford to hang around somewhere discussing the cosmos on a nearby rooftop, the visual themselves were indeed stunning. :slight_smile:


I thoroughly enjoyed the visual design of the trailer. I’d be interested in knowing if the concept artist for the drugged informant took references from Christian Bale’s version of John Conner? NOT AN INSULT.


The facial animation in the interrogation scene was phenomenal. However, I don’t think they are using Conroy’s voice this time around, I couldn’t really tell but it doesn’t sound like him and that is sad, imo. To me he is Batman’s voice, i wish they could go back and replace all of Christian Bales grunting in the movies with his voice. Anyway I look forward to playing the game.


that was bada$$ to the bone :buttrock:

you guys should start demanding Blur Studio logo to be placed after WB, DC, Rocksteady -

let the world start knowing who you guys are hehehe :deal:

btw just wondering if i may ask, without any mean to sound like fanboy or start app war,
does this trailer rendered with vray, mental ray or combination of both or others?

okk i’m gonna hit replay for the 5th time now…



Same here! pretty insane.