Bathroom, Roy Yuan (3D)


Title: Bathroom
Name: Roy Yuan
Country: Hong Kong
Software: Maya

This piece entitled “Bathroom”. I hope
you like it. I’m trying to evoke a sense of luxury in this piece. In the creation process of this image I Maya 6.5 for modelling, UV setup, lighting) Rendered in mental ray.I also
used Photoshop for texture creation and post processing.
I try to fix the problems, hope u guys like it. Thanks for all the comments.


Nice modelling and textures are pretty nice. Possibly the reflections are a little high on the cupboards and bath. The colours are great and work together nicely. I think the halo coming from the window? completely ruins this picture. It doesnt look natural at all. I think if you fixed this, this image could look really good! Keep it up!


I agree, it all looks really nice, except the window looks like a floodlight.


all the reflections need to be turned down. It gives it a very CG feel. Also, use mental ray’s ability to blur reflections. that would help too. If you fix these things, it will be an amazing pic


I agree with all up , it is a nice picture with a big blasting lignting window , but I liked the color schems.


The light coming from the window is just too much…reduce that


I have tried to fix the problems and re-posted the pic, hope u guys like it. Thanks for all the precious comments.


I don’t know if it’s the way the light hits it or a problem with the bump map, but on your wall tiles, the grout between the tiles looks to be sticking out from the tiles instead of being lower than the tiles.


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